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It's currently 18° here in Portland. Not including the wind chill. Tomorrow the low is supposed to be 17° and the high (HIGH???) is supposed to be 31°

Excuse me?

This is Portland, Oregon, people! We do not do cold like this. No, I do not want another repeat of last year, thanks. (brr)

We actually ran our furnace all night long last night. That doesn't work at all, by the way. We're trying to keep the cold rooms less cold and the rest of the house cooler -- so you can figure that it's exactly the other way around. (sigh) I did clean out the frozen hummingbird feeder and fill it again. And put out seed for the birds and squirrels. Our yard was full of hungry critters who are equally unused to the cold... I also cleaned out the microwave today and started working in my bedroom. I picked up decorations in the living room (time to replace Thanksgiving -- finally -- with Christmas), too. And I went through stacks (and stacks) of my (beloved) National Geographic magazines, and pared down what I'm keeping to a fairly small pile. I want to take the others to some place like the dentist or doctor's office, because they seem to good to just recycle, heaven forbid.

I dumped out two flower pots -- one is making room for my new (antique) lantern that Marilyn mistressmarilyn got me for my bday. I need to take a photo and share, as it's VERY COOL!

Marilyn and I took piles of things over to cousin Linda (she's renting a room in a house that isn't all that far from here, it turns out). We had a bag of stuff for her bday (which included a couple of bottles of wine, a small musical keyboard and a DVD player), plus some clothes and a comforter for her bed. Hopefully some of the clothes will fit -- we did give her a brand new pair of pants (she'd told us her size), and they were really nice.

And we've been taking a lot of loads to the Goodwill as we continue to CLEAN OUT our house. We're back to this with a vengeance, I'm happy to report! It was fun working in my bedroom, where I have three empty drawers in my bureau to put away clothes. Exciting! (heh) Actually, I've been moving a lot of things around, so it's quite an improvement of where it has been most of the year.

It's been very cool having our home office organized, I have to say. And we've been loving our living room. It wasn't a mess, to be sure, but we're loving the 'new' furniture and have been spending a lot of time there. Usually we hang in the family room -- but it needs MAJOR work and is a big disaster right now. (sigh) I hope to tackle it very soon, though!

At least cold weather keeps us inside, so it's a good time for these clean-up projects! Even though the cold seems to make us REALLY SLEEPY (!!!). We mostly want to snuggle up and watch a movie or TV -- or read a book. (Or plain old sleep.) But never fear, we shall be clean and organized or know why!

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