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Some Errands? Yeah...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I dropped by the new festival office briefly ($5 for parking for under half an hour) to pick up some folders she needed. Aside from the cost of parking, it was as smooth as silk! Driving was fine, finding a place to park was simple, and getting in and turning on the lights was no problem. (She got her key and the code to work, in other words.)

Again, I really like the space. It's really nice. I need to take some photos.

(Speaking of photos, I got an email from Reader's Digest requesting parade photos for their magazine. It's always cool when larger publications contact us...)

We also took a couple things (one HUGE box and another large bag) to the Goodwill.

Then we came home and waited to see if Cousin Linda would contact us back. (I'd both left her an email and a phone message.) While reading, I suddenly remembered that she'd given us her address (she left it in a Facebook message for me), so I went and looked it up. We drove over and found the house (she's renting a room there) and rang and knocked, but nobody answered. We had a LOT of stuff for her (clothes, a comforter, bags and on and on), some of which she asked us for. So we wanted to try and get it to her. It's all packed up in the trunk of the car, so hopefully we'll get it to her soon.

The rest of the day has been pretty lazy. Messing around online and playing games and reading. While having a nap, I came up with an idea for a story. I need to get my submissions for Writer's Digest ready in the next couple of days...

I never mentioned some other bday gifts Marilyn gave me that are very cool! She got me this wonderful coaster, made by Thirstystone -- the lovely Winged Jewel, which is a hummingbird. It looks like this:

Winged Jewel hummingbird coaster

I don't know if I've ever blogged about it before (???), but I have a coaster fetish. (smile) I love them and have them all around the house and my area at the office. This isn't the first Thirstystone coaster I've ever had, as I bought a Celtic set years and years ago. Anyway, I love hummingbirds (we got females using our feeder for the first time recently), so it's a wonderful gift.

She also got me an ink pen (roller ball, which I prefer) that has a cross. Very cool. And a pocket coin of Footsteps. On one side it shows a single set of footprints in the sand and on the other it reads: "It was then that I carried you." I love carrying things like this in my pockets (I have a very cool cross inside a clear 'stone' that I also carry often.)

We're watching "Harry Potter" movies in anticipation of the upcoming release -- can't wait!

Thanks to those friends who I missed thanking the first time around for birthday greetings, by the way. I don't mind if a greeting is late or not, just so you know. I just love that you took time to share! And I now also have virtual gifts to add to my list of goodies (I adore them). Thanks again to EVERYONE!

Damn, but it's COLD here! I'm wearing a scarf and gloves when we go out and long sleeves in the house...

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