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New DVD/VCR Player (from Wal-Mart)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I bought a new Magnavox DVD Player and 4 Head VCR at Wal-Mart today for $75. (When I think back to the first-ever VCRs we owned -- and what they cost us, way back when -- it's almost like they're GIVING these things away now! Getting one repaired used to cost more than that!)

It looks like this:

Magnavox DVD Player and 4 Head VCR

The duel model we've had for years in the living room only worked a short while. Then the DVD part quit working, so we could only use it to play video tapes. Not very convenient when people were over and we wanted to share a DVD!

We still own a few special video tapes (like "The House Without a Christmas Tree") that we like to watch, so continuing to have access to a VCR is important to us. I know that eventually VCRs and video tapes will totally go away, but for now... (smile)

And if you've never seen "The House Without a Christmas Tree," you should look for it on Amazon.Com. (You can view a tiny preview HERE at YouTube, if you're interested.) Marilyn and I can't figure out why they never play this any more for Christmas. It's a superior holiday show that we ALWAYS watch while we're putting up our Christmas tree each year.

Setting up the new machine? It was a bit of a challenge! Our old Zenith television was purchased back in 1994 when we moved into this house. It's HUGE and HEAVY -- so getting it out of the unit that holds it was far from easy. Then it had to rest on something while I checked out the various things on the back for doing the setup. The unit isn't easy, either. At some point in the the past I drilled a hole in the back for cords to go through. (Why wouldn't this be there to begin with? I don't get it.) The unit is big, and is only a few inches away from the wall -- so getting an arm behind it is pretty difficult!

Interestingly enough, the instructions were fairly simple to follow and worked like a charm! We were pretty delighted when it worked right off, with no complicated setup beyond the hookup of cable to TV and TV to the new machine. Hard to believe!

So then we had to watch some of the above-mentioned video and the DVD that came today ("Shaft" with Christian Bale). So fun to be sitting there doing that! Normally we do most of our TV viewing downstairs in the family room (where we also have DVR). And in our office, too. Don't get me wrong, we have TVs all over the house! It's very important to us and always has been. Anyway, I'm glad we finally got this new machine.

And we had great fun going out to Starbucks at 7:00 p.m. tonight with our laptops, too.

It's been another really GOOD day!

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