CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

PSP9 -- Not Perfect...

Well, I was very excited when I posted about it here earlier! (grin)

But I suppose it's typical that it's got bugs. (sigh)

Note that I get my Paint Shop Pro directly from JASC, boxed on CD. (No DLs, in other words.) I've been a long-time customer, too. I bought both versions 7 and 8 from them prior to this. (Even though I found v.7 within days later of buying it for something like a $30 savings!)

I've tried to offer advice, so I suppose I should have taken the time to beta 9. I'm already finding things that are annoying.

For example, used to be if you Copied and wanted to Paste as New Image or Paste as New Layer, that was the top option (using the right-click-pop-up-menu version, which I do). Now it's not, which means I'm constantly hitting the New Image option. (damn)

Viewing stored images is faster, which I love.

But now the TEXT tool is screwed up so bad that I can't use it at all...

I've sent them an email (via support) and have posted about it to the Forum. So we'll see if it's already 'patch' time. (grin) That happened very early on with v.8 -- which I had to patch twice. (Oh, and v.7 is buggy as hell, even though I still love it...)

So I'd made banners for the fic challenge Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I entered (and I mentioned earlier today). I spent ages finding the images I wanted (sort of the graphics version of doing fanfic research, I guess... sigh) -- and then combining them just so. As I told Marilyn when she (finally) got home from work tonight (around 7:00, I think!), doing the banners makes me as picky as writing the fic. (smile)

And, hell, I'm not that accomplished about using the software, really. I mean, I know my stuff (and can teach what I know to others), but I'm no artist here. So I struggle along...

We both love fic banners, though. We're surprised that most people never mention them at all, seeing as they totally enhance the experience for us! (And as we live in such a visual world, you'd think that adding a 'visual' to each fic would be something people liked. But I've no clue some days... I just know we like 'em, so we try to add them as often as we can.)

So I get these banners almost done (sans the text saying the fic name and author name) -- and then the Text tool screws up in v.9 (which figures). (sigh)

I open up v.8 and try to open the banners and -- yes, you've guessed it -- they won't open! So I have to go back and save them again to be v.8 compatible.

So why is that? What aren't they automatically backward compatible? I find that highly annoying! Besides, I can only save them with a given name as compatible to one earlier version. So I guess I have to save multiple times to have it compatible with both v.8 and v.7 (both of which I still have installed and use, by the way)...

Please ask me, O ye creators of software! I'd be glad to tell you what's a pain... And what we could really use changing!

Speaking of, I'm back to not using the LJ version of Update Journal again. That sucks big time. Thanks loads for 'fixing' another thing, admin. (I'll try hard not to LJ Admin-bash now. So if you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all... right?)

You know, this is basically a free service -- even for those of us who do pay. It's cheaper than anything else I can even think of. So I suppose we should quit our gripes and live with it! (grin)

Oh, I will share those banners here soon, but I don't want to possibly upset the mods of the list where the fic has been submitted, so I'll wait until the challenge has ended...

I'm off for a nap. I only got an hour of sleep the night before last (well, maybe an hour and a half) and was dead last night. I'd like to get back up and work out -- which I need.

Damn, I'm glad the weekend is here! This has been a hard, hard week...

Why is everybody so quiet, by the way. Thank God a few of you are managing to update! (grin)

Tags: 2004, fic-banner, livejournal-improvements, livejournal-rant, livejournal-related, october-2004, psp, psp9

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