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A Wild Work Day at the Festival Interim Office!

Today was a WILD WORK DAY -- and that's no exaggeration at all!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were at the office around 8:00 a.m. We both went to our workstations and got started. I had TONS of IT-related stuff to tackle (of course). The phone guys had come in right with Marilyn and me. (And were standing behind us on the elevator, poor guys, considering I was laden with stuff I was carrying in...)

I sat in for both of the phone lessons, which Chris directed. Prior to that, the guys spent ages doing more setup (they'd worked on it yesterday, as well). They set up in our conference room with phones for training purposes and did screen to show the computer screen part. (By the second class I was feeling strong enough to help out and am sure I'd be able to train new people on the system in no time.)

What a GREAT phone system!!!

After we were done I went to congratulate Jeff on the choice. These are amazing phones that can do amazing things! Really cool. And managing them on the backend (Administrative side) is going to be so EASY -- so much better than the old system. I'll probably go on (and on and on) about the various features in the future, but for now I'll just say it's so good!

I microwaved one of those Hormel dinners and ate at my desk while working. I was putting together a punch list for Kent, in case I had to leave before he got there.

Kent arrived and my life went CRAZY!!!

I was going from computer to computer working on settings -- literally RUNNING from place to place to get it done. I'd have one doing one thing, then another doing it, then another doing something else. Racing, because Marilyn was having a meeting at OUR HOUSE, and was supposed to leave (originally) by 2:00 p.m.

She had to keep phoning to change that appointment, because I just couldn't break away! Most people were pretty cooperative, thankfully, but in all honesty that didn't make my job any easier.

We finally headed out more than an hour late, with most of my work done and Kent prepared to finish the rest -- plus the phone guys going from computer to computer to set up the phone-related software. I had to phone Kent to tell him about something I'd only started to ask him to do, then he phoned me several times (in the car and at home).

I came home to TWO messages from my dentist, wanting to know how I was doing and trying to decide whether to CANCEL my appointment Thursday morning! The funny thing is that I didn't connect this with sister Sue suzy_qp at all, even though I knew she was seeing Mary at 7:00 a.m. this morning for her bridge. She'd told Mary how swollen I was, so...

But I finally got through to her and told her the swelling was way down (most people at the office didn't even notice it), the pain was slight and the eruption was way down, too. So it's a go for 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. (woo hoo) I get that there's still a chance I won't be able to get it done, but I'm hopeful. (fingers crossed)

I did the cat boxes while Marilyn was having her meeting with Angel (about his contract), but I still need to do the rest of the garbage and recycling. I haven't really had dinner yet, so I'm hungry, but thankful I ate lunch.

(My blood sugar was actually good this morning, by the way!)

I need to get in a tackle my normal Wednesday night task. Last week we put out the usual trays of goodies for the garbage and recycling people (which we try to do for all holidays).

Oh! I forgot to mention that Marilyn and I took Jeff a 'dog stocking' for his dog Moki for Christmas -- it was really cute (and huge). He was delighted and said Moki would love it, that he just loves dog toys, even now. (Why, of course he does, Jeff! I hope he never outgrows that!)

I had a long nap, anyway, which I really needed. Most of the time both cats were there with me (either on the bed, or in their nearby cat beds). So sweet. We call it 'giving us their cat-ly energy' -- and it's their way of helping us to feel better. Cats do seem to know when you're down, emotionally or physically, as all cat people know.

I also had a long talk with Kris before my nap -- always a good thing. He makes me smile and he makes me laugh! Such a nice, nice guy.

I just called the festival to see if the phones are working, but no go, as yet. I'm sure we'll have them in place by tomorrow, though. This is really big, by the way. Businesses often have to wait 30 to 90 days to set up a new phone system, so getting it this quick is nothing short of amazing. (I keep pointing this out to people, so they can try to appreciate how cool it is.)

I think everybody in the office now has internet access again (win), which is essential for the new phones (we now have IP Phones, so...). I'm THIS close to being sure the MAC users have Remote Desktop (again), which is also a good thing. I hope Kent figured out the Blackberry thing, but if not, I'll tackle that soon, too.

Obviously I won't be going to work tomorrow (after oral surgery). And Marilyn is taking Friday off for my birthday, so we won't be at work again until next Tuesday.

On the 'sad news' side, sister Sue's kitten Sammy is still missing. (Marilyn and I drove to her house last night after shopping and hunted for some time with no success.) I'm still hoping Sammy will come home -- can you all please pray for the kitten (and Sue) -- or send good thoughts her way? Thanks!

Well, I'm off to eat!

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