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Dental is a Bitch!

Clearly I'm due for a root canal, because the tooth I had emergency work done on (last Monday) is giving me some of the worst PAIN I've ever felt. (And remember, I have a pretty HIGH pain threshold, as a rule.)

Dr. Mary (my dentist) told me the tooth might not settle down -- meaning I'd have to have a root canal and get it crowned, so this isn't out of the blue. I was HOPING it wouldn't come to that, of course, but I've had a lot of root canals in my life...

The COST concerns me. I have no dental insurance and it's expensive as hell, so how am I supposed to pay for it? (I guess I should say, how is Marilyn mistressmarilyn supposed to pay for it? I'm the full-time volunteer, so it's not like I make $$$ that could cover it.)

Anyway, thank God for the Hydrocodone-APAP (generic Vicodin). Even that doesn't begin to do away with the pain. Last night I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep, so I sat up at the computer, instead (wondering if I could take additional pain meds on top of the Vicodin). When we finally went to bed around 4:00 a.m., I just propped myself up in bed and tried to lie as still as I could. Every heartbeat was another throb of pain, but I did finally go to sleep.

Waking up was the bad part, as the minute I got up and moved around it began to hurt again. (sigh) I've taken another Hydrocodone (I can take one every six hours) and I've used Campho-Phenique inside my mouth (I know they don't recommend it, but I've been doing that since childhood with a lot of success). Happily at this moment in time, the pain is somewhat under control.

I somehow doubt Mary can work me in tomorrow. In fact, we're not even sure she'll do the root canal (part of the problem). It should prove interesting to find out, anyway. And I keep taking my Amoxicillin, hoping that will help things. (It always makes me laugh, as Amoxicillin is what we've given to our CATS for years and years! Usually as a pink liquid, though -- mine is capsules.)

Meanwhile, life goes on, pain or no. I'm so thankful we're on vaca right now, with nothing at all to do. (I need to color my hair, but that's honestly all I have to do right now.)

My blood sugar was elevated yesterday morning (not over 200, but still pretty high), but it was much better today. So that's a good thing, anyway! One issue at a time, please. (grin)

By the way, yesterday we go to Rite-Aid, which is our pharmacy. I'd talked to Mary first thing in the morning, so she'd phoned in a refill of my Vicodin at 8:00 a.m. Marilyn needed her pills and I needed this, so we head over well before 5:00 p.m. (the pharmacy closes at 6:00 on Saturdays). They have NO RECORD anywhere of prescription. So I phone Mary who tells me she did it right after we talked, which I figured was true. She has to phone the pharmacy and give them the info, then she calls me back and again assures me that she had done it in the morning. They barely get it ready before 6:00, so it took us over an hour at the store. (sigh) I think we were lucky to get it at all -- but I made it damn clear I wasn't leaving the store without my pain meds! (I was in a lot of pain at that point and out of medicine, facing the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday -- and I was getting pretty angry and upset, needless to say...)

It's another BEAUTIFUL day here, by the way! I realize I haven't mentioned anything much other than the dental thing, but life does go on, after all!

And Marilyn and I have managed to eat a lot of good food and watch a lot of TV and play a lot of Zuma, pain or no pain. (smile)

I love vaca!

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