CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

PSP9 -- WOW.

I just (finally) installed my new Paint Shop Pro 9 software. I've barely touched it so far, but all I can say is wow. Just the fact that it reads contents of a folder so much faster is awesome by me...

Well, I started to say in my last post that they (LiveJournal) had fixed the update journal area. So wrong! Have I said how much I hate the new version? Oh, I did? Sorry. (grin) Hey, can we please not assume that everyone uses 1024 x 768 settings (or greater), folks? I'm so sick of that...

The news is full of the accounts of the 'event' on Mt. St. Helens! (It's 2 p.m. and you normally don't have news during this time of day -- but this is big news here!)

Tags: 2004, livejournal-improvements, livejournal-rant, livejournal-related, october-2004, psp, psp9

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