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Pretty? It's Sometimes Painful... (smile)

I got my eyebrows and eyeliner done today at the salon where we get our manicures and pedicures. My appointment was at 1:00 p.m. and I was on there right on time. Jackie (her American name -- I don't know her real Vietnamese name) has a very light hand and does AMAZING work.

I had the eyeliner done before years ago, but it wears off over time and needs to be touched up. Plus I was never happy that it didn't extend closer to the edges of my eyes, which Jackie was happy to do.

Yes, it hurts like hell. There's no way to pretend it doesn't. The eyebrows aren't that bad, but around the eyes is pretty painful. But the process has improved in many ways since I first had it done. The device is much smaller and resembles a pen. And once done, there was very little pain at all. Hours later, there's no pain and almost no swelling! And the first time around, I had to worry about my eyes 'sticking' together. It's hard to explain, but sleep would have the eyes get gummy and you'd have to use a warm, wet washcloth to get your eyes open again! There's NOTHING like that this time. I napped and woke several times with no issues and no discomfort. Very cool!

Yeah, it's totally worth the pain. All women suffer pain all through their lives anyway, so we're genuinely used to it. (Talk to me about periods sometimes, for example!) Being pretty requires discomfort and pain, so that's fine. Again, it's worth it! No more putting on liner every day. And the liner will mean I rarely need to wear mascara, as well. And the eyebrows are quite a happy change.

Right now it's all very dark, but after the tattoos peel off (which is totally normal), the color fades some (so that's necessary). And I'm already really happy with how it looks, even though it can take some getting used to at first. I'll post some photos in a couple weeks.

Jackie had said it would take two hours, and it was almost exactly that. Marilyn mistressmarilyn had dropped me off, so I phoned her when I was done and she came over to pick me up. (She had planned to get the car done while this was happening, but they couldn't take her today -- so she has an appointment for Friday, instead.) This is my birthday present from Marilyn this year, which is extremely generous of her, I have to say! It's a gift that will keep on giving for years, too! (grin)

This morning we were at the office by 8:00 a.m. for the meeting Marilyn needed to attend. I spent some time setting up my new desk/workstation, then tried to fix some IT-related issues. I wasn't all that successful, but I did get Jeff all set with his blackberry, at least.

After Staff meeting (which was a small group that included Jeff, Marilyn, Peter, Hailey, Paul and me), Marilyn and I went by the old office. We took our toaster (long story -- they were missing one), but they'd found their missing toaster OVEN (not toaster). I also needed to do a reboot of the answering machine on the old phone system, so I did that.

It's really weird to go by the building. It's not the same at all, frankly. We're now guests when we go there. We couldn't wait to leave.

Well, except for napping, reading my book and playing some games, that's been my day. I still need to work on my insurance papers, so I should get to that, as tomorrow's a busy day!

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