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Can You Say 'Busy Day'?

We started the day with Marilyn mistressmarilyn taking me to the dentist. Mary filled my tooth, but told me if it doesn't take, I'll need a crown -- and if I need a crown, she'll have to do a root canal first. My fingers are crossed that it will be okay. I was supposed to get Vicodin and penicillin to take. We dropped those off, but never had a chance to pick them up, so I'm in some pain tonight. (We'll get them tomorrow after work, for sure.)

Next we went shopping, mostly for groceries for dinner -- focusing on a Thanksgiving dinner-type theme. (smile)

Then we came home and both wrote for our Writing Circle assignment.

Then I started cleaning house, and Marilyn took off to get her hair done.

I scrubbed the bathroom and vacuumed the living room and kitchen (mainly rugs there). Plus I picked up and moved furniture and decorated for Thanksgiving. I also did a load of dishes.

Finally I started cooking. I made a chicken and rice casserole using turkey gravy (for flavor). Then I made sweet potato balls and put both in the oven. I also made cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. I cleaned celery for a vegetable dish (celery, black olives and carrots). I fixed a salad and a plate of potato rolls. Marilyn made her fabulous bean dip and put out salsa and chips. It was a huge spread, with more food than we could all begin to eat!

Sister Sue suzy_qp brought over party mix (woo hoo), so we snacked on that, too.

Then we had both pumpkin and mince meat pies for desert (with coffee). Yummy!

The usual suspects were there: Angel, Dick, Jodi, Sue, Marilyn and me. We read our stories (except for Dick, who didn't write this time -- he read from a Stephen King book). And we did our monthly exercise, where Marilyn gives us two topics and we write for around 15 minutes. Some good stuff comes from that, by the way!

We shared and laughed and had a good time.

Now we've played some Zuma and watched some TV -- and I'm headed for a much-needed nap!

Tomorrow we have work -- and I have a bunch of IT work to tackle...

Plus I need to FINALLY get my health insurance paperwork done, or else! (It's due in a few days...)

And Marilyn's supposed to take the car in tomorrow, before our trip on Wednesday...

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