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I LOVE Our 'New' Office!

I was just 'tweaking' the area around my computer desk (my desk) in our home office, and the entire experience just makes me SMILE so damn big! I really LOVE the entire office now. Wow, it's very cool.

Some basic elements are unchanged, actually. The desk that belonged to my grandparents and then my Mom is still in the same place -- and I'd already cleaned it off previously, which has been helpful already. Our two computer desks aren't moved, either -- but these new (used) desks are quite an upgrade from what we had before! So many of the changes are really little things, but cool ones! Like Marilyn's mistressmarilyn bulletin board hanging on the corner wall near her desk, which I can easily and happily glance at by just turning my head. And these new (used) chairs will lean back if you want them to, which I find nice.

Anyway, it feels NEW to me in every GOOD way possible. And more organized and easy to use. After we finish up the last of it, I'll be sure to take photos and share them here. (There are still a few things that need to go 'back' from where they had to be moved when the furniture was brought in. But no big deal.)

This is all a very good thing as we get ready to both work here at home during the day time. Obviously I've been doing that for years and years, but it's going to be different with both of us doing it for the next couple of months. That's not to say that Marilyn hasn't done a TON of work from home forever, but this will be different with her doing all sorts of projects she's only done in the office in the past.

And speaking of offices, I'm very much looking forward to going back in to our interim festival office, too! I'm really pleased with where we'll be. It's just a really nice and really workable space -- and it feels like a lovely surprise to me. I hope the entire Staff feels as good about it as I do.

So very much to be THANKFUL for this Thanksgiving! And I'm looking forward to hosting the Writing Circle in our 'new' living room -- and potentially having some work-related meetings there, too! I always (daily) have a LONG list of blessings that I'm thankful for. But this even tops that list! (happy dance)

Today is sunny and NOT raining, so I need to shower so we can run necessary errands. Tomorrow will be about cleaning and cooking, as usual. Hopefully I'll get some WRITING done today, otherwise tomorrow will be about that, as well!

LIFE IS GOOD. It's really worth every second of all the hard work that has gone into it. I'm still sore and tired, but that's okay. Look at the outcome, after all!

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