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Dental Thing...

I just had a filling come out on the right side of my mouth (an upper tooth). What a pain. I'll have to phone and see when my dentist can work me in...

Well, so far it doesn't hurt, so I guess it's not that big a deal.

And I'm done with the garbage and recycling, so that's a good thing.

I was just doing some Windows XP updates on Marilyn's mistressmarilyn computer, as I hadn't done them in ages. So after rebooting, the damn thing tries to set up auto downloading of updates. I turned it off on her computer because even when I had it set for 'download but don't install,' it was still installing things and screwing stuff up for her (a known issue, by the way).

Have I mentioned lately that I hate Microsoft?


Anyway, I'm now going to play Zuma, before moving more furniture. I think I've earned some fun...

Tags: 2009, dental, marilyn, microsoft, november-2009

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