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It's 9:00 and We're Home From Work

We just got home from the office and unpacked a bunch more stuff (boxes, etc.) that we needed to get out of there. The first part of the move -- which includes breaking down the computers -- happens tomorrow. I'll be at home in the morning to move furniture and prepare for the furniture that's coming home from the office -- then Marilyn mistressmarilyn will come home to get me and take me back to the office. Obviously I'm the lead on the computer break down. (Hell, if Ron doesn't show -- and I'm not counting on him at all -- I'll be doing it alone.)

We were the last there, again. Surprise! But we made some major headway in Marilyn's office. We were both feeling a little sad as we left. We've loved being in that building -- it's been a wonderful home for the festival! And we had some great years there, including our Centennial year. It is very sad to be leaving. I can easily recall when we moved into the building -- and remember moving Marilyn's furniture all around until we had it just the way we wanted it! (smile)

Now that we're home, I've already unpacked one box and will soon tackle others. I need to get started on the garbage and recycling (it's Wednesday night... sigh...), so I can get that monkey off my back as soon as possible!

I'll probably make us some dinner, too. We had lunch at 2:00, so we're both hungry now.

Tomorrow and Friday will be hugely busy days, so it would be nice to get some rest and get to bed at a decent hour tonight, if it works out that way. Hopefully I'll wake up with lots of energy tomorrow, because I'm going to need it!

I did finish the eBulletin today -- but I need to make a change for Carol tonight before sending it tomorrow morning. I probably won't do any more coding-type work for the rest of the month, as I'll be too tied up with IT stuff (plus we're supposed to have next week off, for the most part -- I'm really looking forward to that!).

The cats are very glad we're home. Clearly they missed us today! (Well, it is more than 12 hours later, after all!)

Time to get busy again. And Dad? It's raining out! (grin) Had to happen, considering it's garbage night!

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