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Office Move Update!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I spent around 9 hours in the office on Sunday working on packing, etc. She was mostly working in her own office, while I was working in the IT Room. For her, there's a lot to tackle when you consider all the years she's worked there and how much stuff she needs to go through!

I'd already packed up most of the stuff in my own cube, but the IT Room is mine, too, so there's was a lot more to go through. Carol's husband Brian had kindly packed up all my spare keyboards and taken them over to storage for me -- besides emptying out my entire large cabinet so that I could sort through it all! What a guy. (He also took away a huge box of older keyboards so I wouldn't have to worry about them.) I'd never found the time to fully sort all the IT stuff, even though I had done it to some degree back in 2007 when I took over as IT Manager (the IT Room had been a disaster when I started in the role). But I got rid of paperwork dating back to the 1990's that were mostly certainly no longer needed -- and manuals, etc. for things like DOS applications, our old Small Business 2000 Server and so on. About time it all went out! The crazy part was needing to re-pack the various boxes of cables, as I didn't do it that well the first time around. But now it's all packed and ready to go, as hard as that is to believe!

We made three trips home to haul furniture we're keeping. We have 3 matching office chairs (on rollers, obviously, and with arms) to use for our home office. They're comfortable and adjustable, so that's cool -- and they match, which is very cool! We took one of the chairs that had been in there outside (it's green plastic). The two black leather chairs are going to sister Sue suzy_qp and her daughter Candy -- but are currently in the living room!

We brought home just a TON of (heavy) things, including a wooden file cabinet and boxes (and boxes and boxes) of things to store for now, including loads of files. Some stuff will go back when we're in the final space and some will stay here -- we'll know more after the first of the year. We need to hang Marilyn's bulletin board from her office (and happily have a spot for that!) and lots of artwork, too. It was funny to see us moving things around here at home to make room for everything! (yikes)

Anyway, we were DEAD BEAT last night when we finished (around 11:00 p.m. at the office -- and much later here at home). Lots of heavy lifting, but we knew there would be.

Today we went in and naturally I did mostly IT work, while Marilyn tackled other things. We supposed to only be doing move-related stuff, but it didn't work out that way, really. Anyway, we brought home another load, so that was good!

The darling red chair is now in Marilyn's bathroom at her vanity area -- the old chair is dumped (the Goodwill 'rejected' it). Soon to come home are two matching computer stations to replace our old desks, which should work out really well. We're paying movers to bring them, as they're heavy. That means I'll need to get our desks really cleared out and off to prepare, which I'll tackle tomorrow. Marilyn's sofa from her office is going in our living room, so a couple chairs there are going out (to sister Sue). I've no CLUE where we're putting her coffee table from her office at this point, but we'll reason it out. It's hard to believe how much more furniture we've got pegged for home, but it's all good, I'm sure!

I have an eBulletin to get out this week -- and some website work to do, too. Work goes on, move or no.

Next week we normally take off, but we're well aware we'll have to work. With the move happening this Friday, we'll need to tackle any issues that come up. Marilyn being in charge of the move is essential for that -- and me being IT, there's bound to be computer issues to resolve.

Anyway, we're both probably giving up on NaNoWriMo for this year. There's just no time or energy for it, I'm afraid. Writing remains a priority for us, but we need some relaxation and down time -- and NaNo is not that. Oh well, the nice thing about NaNo is that there's always next year! (smile)

Wednesday Marilyn, Hailey and I get trained on the new phone system! Almost everyone in the office is now able to use Remote Desktop. There are many good things to focus on.

I'm now off to play Zuma. Later we'll head for shopping at Freddies. Life is busy as hell, but it's good! (smile)

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