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Lazy Day!

The Remote Desktop that got SCREWED UP (not by ME, you'd better believe!) is fixed. Well, only for PC users -- not for MAC users. (sigh) But I'll see what I can do about that next week...

That's the ONLY work-related thing I've thought about today, you'd better believe it! (grin)

I slept in really, really late. It was heaven. I'm still sore all over, but oh well. Today seems like a HOLIDAY, having the time off with nothing we need to do.

Tomorrow we need to get manicures and pedicures (boy, do we need them -- long overdue). And I need to finally finish up my health insurance paperwork (!!!) which is due in any second. (sigh) I can't mail it until Monday, but it needs to be copied in advance, so...

Other than that, we still need to put everything BACK in our office, now that the new furniture is in place. Speaking of our office, I'll need to take photos and share. It's very cool, now. We've both got plenty of workspace, each have a nice (matching) desk for our computers, plus the actual desk. Our three chairs are all matching and the room is pretty well picked up and organized, too. Pretty awesome.

We've spent a totally lazy day, sleeping, eating, reading, watching TV, spending time with the cats (Colin and Henry) and playing games. It feels like Thanksgiving week has begun! And even though we have to be at work Tuesday (and normally have next week off), we're in total holiday/vaca mode. (smile)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were talking about this thing that came up before. How when you're busy every minute you don't know what to do with yourself when things ease up. That's how it's been on and off all day -- shouldn't we be DOING SOMETHING work-related? These past two months have been rough, but it's all good. We believe we appreciate our FREE time much more because we work so hard. It just makes it so much more special to us.

Monday Marilyn gets her hair done and I have the dentist. Colin's been sneezing like mad, so if he doesn't get better, we might end up taking him to the vet (hope not, but...).

Wednesday will be a blast. We drive to Hump's for pie (a long-standing tradition), then in the evening we go to Amalfi's and have a drink while waiting for two pizzas. One we eat that night, the second is our Thanksgiving dinner. (smile) We love going there, so we're looking forward to it a lot.

Then on Thanksgiving Day, we're supposed to go to a movie with our friend Jodi. We're planning to see "2012," which Jodi has already seen and really liked -- obviously, as she's willing to go again with us. We're going to see if Mitch would like to go along, too. Sounds like a plan!

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