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Software Recommendation -- Windows XP Password Reset

I needed to hack into a work computer (long story as to why, but that's neither here nor there), so I did a little research about this last night.

Yeah, I could have phoned our IT consultant for help, or called my buddy Donn, but I wanted to try it for myself, first.

I ended up using Windows Password Reset 7.0 -- and it worked like a charm!

The cost was $19.95, well worth the price in my book. (And using a consultant is far more, so...)

This software is created by PassKiller Software, Inc. When you go to 'About Us," they say the following:

"PassKiller Software, Inc. is a leading provider of password removal tools. Committed to delivering innovation, PassKiller Software prides itself on providing high-quality products and renowned customer service to its clients and strategic business partners. Our products' powerfulness and low prices will benefit all computer users in the home, SoHo and Business markets."

If you've ever lost your Administrator password to your computer, you know what a pain it is! So give it a try -- I'd never steer you wrong.

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