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Some IT Wins and Move Work

Today had some big wins, IT-wise. Two of my MAC users are now able to use Remote Desktop (and the final user should be ready by the first of next week at the latest). This is huge. It means I don't need to scramble to send home any equipment, because they can use their own MAC machines with no trouble.

I've known it was possible for ages and I've put in hours (and hours) of work on this in the past without success. Two years later I'm happy to know that anyone using a MAC will now have the same Remote Desktop access as PC users!

The other major win is that Jeff can now get email on his new blackberry. He's been remarkably patient while waiting for this, considering he's had the phone for over two months now!

I threw a lot of 'cyber' confetti today in celebration of these two wonderful occurrences. (smile)

Of course, with balance in the world, I had an annoying problem that I'm still trying to fix. I'll be trying to reason it out again now, after I finish this entry. But if I can't, I'll have to work on it again tomorrow. (sigh)

I had Paul's new laptop (that I worked on yesterday) working with Remote Desktop at one point. I was actually connected to his work computer from here at home with no issues. But then I decided to do two things -- I upgraded Internet Explorer to version 7 and I did has Windows Updates. Imagine my surprise this morning when we could no longer use RD! I'm sitting with Paul to show him how it works, and it's a no-go. I spent HOURS on it today (that I really didn't have to spare), and even had another IT person take a crack at it (but he couldn't reason it out, either). It kept me late at work, which certainly isn't fair for Marilyn mistressmarilyn, who has so much on her plate right now (and was sick last week).

Needless to say, I can get no help at the official Microsoft website (who can?), so I'm checking every other help site I can think of. (smile) I'll eventually solve this, I'm sure, but it would be nice not to have the issue in the first place. Thanks, Microsoft! (Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Microsoft? No? Right.)

In other news, I started working on packing in the IT Room, which is DAUNTING, to say the least. Brian (Carol's wonderful husband) was trying to help me, but really no one can, as I need to sort through things and only I can do that. I'm going to work on it again tomorrow, and maybe I'll get it a bit more under control!

My meeting with Tom and Charold went really well -- and Tom seems like a very good guy. The Band website is now officially in their hands, with me offering to help them out if need be, of course.

The new owners of our building are AWESOME people! I can't speak highly enough of them. It's truly a delight to be sharing space with them.

I guess that's it for today. Time to set up some more computers in my home office and get back to work!

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