CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Good Morning! (Cleaning House at LJ.)

Today is going to be a better day.

Hell, it basically has to be a better day than yesterday! (grin)

Went shopping after nine last night (to get Marilyn something she could face eating) with sister Sue. (Which means she drives and I go in and shop for both of us. Walking is very, very hard on her these days...)

When heading out of the house (in sandals) I caught my heel on the top concrete step and took a good chunk out of it. (ouch) But it only hurt for an hour or so (sort of like the twisted ankle I got taking out my bike). So I'll count those as two blessings, considering I could have injured myself far worse!

I'm guessing that my normal clumsiness was 'enhanced' by still being 'under the weather.' Whatever. I'm done giving in to being sick.

You know, that poor store is pretty sad late at night! One checker was on duty, so waiting in line sucked. She wasn't very good, either, so I hope I got everything at the right prices. (sigh) I wasn't paying attention very closely. (Still a little out of it, I guess.)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn went back to work this morning, just like normal. I'm doubtful she should have, but she insisted. So if she can face work after yesterday, I'm ready to tackle my own projects! (grin)

I started out by 'cleaning house' a bit at LJ.

I decided that I'd created a bunch of communities I simply shouldn't have wasted time on, so I deleted them. Seeing as most had few or no members -- and nothing had ever happened at them -- I doubt anyone would even notice if I wasn't mentioning it! ROFL.

I'd thought, I guess, to try and moderate fic-oriented communities here -- after the same fashion that MM and I moderate lists at Yahoo! groups. But thinking it over I feel it's redundant at best -- and a waste of time at worst.

The other non-fic-related communities were probably whims. (grin) I'd wanted to have a blend sharing community at one point, but I bit off more than I could chew with that project...

Anyway, for whatever reason it made me feel better to eliminate those communities. My LiveJournal focus in future will remain that of personal interaction with friends (which I love) and assisting to moderate Kevin's Paint Shop Pro communities (which I also love).

I've also unsubbed from several communities and will unsub from more, I think.

As for fic, I'm not bothering to share it in communities in the future. I'll stick to sharing it at our website and in Yahoo! groups. (Oh, we also share in a few other places, depending on the genre...)

The question of whether or not to have a fic-related journal is still a good one, actually. I might do that for the heck of it... (grin)

Thanks to all of you who offered me support yesterday. I'm sure I seemed like I was having a big 'pity party' with myself as the guest of honor. (Ugh.) Still, I do want to record things that happen in life here -- and I've done little of that in the past several weeks. I keep starting entries and not getting them up here... (sigh)

Again, thanks for the support. I cherish my online friendships more than I can say, really...

On that note, I've got some work around here that's been neglected, so I think I'll get to it!

Happy Friday!


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