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Busy Computer Day at Home (yikes)

I'm so dead beat right now -- and I have a sore throat and am cranky.

But Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I did split a beer when she finally got home from the office at 7:00. She told me she'd felt so lousy this morning she was thinking she wouldn't be able to go to work -- and then she's there late. Typical!

She, too, is worn out. It was her idea that we have a beer, which we've both earned today!

This was supposed to be my day to sleep in and take it easy, but I had IT work first thing this morning and then got in to do things and just stuck with it all day. I was still working when Marilyn got home.

It was a funny sight, with two laptops set up on the desk, another on a rolling stool, and our two desktops across the room. At one point I was literally working on all five computers at once! Now how much more IT related can you get?

I dropped my website jump drive and the outside case broke. I couldn't get it back together, so I had to transfer all the files to another jump. (sigh) I was pretty shook up at that point. And I had one of those flu headaches (still have a little one), so I was a mess at that point. The old website jump was blue and the new one is white (like my IT jump), so it's going to be confusing, I'm sure. (damn)

And I was hunting for one of the two PowerPoint jump drives (where we keep all of the many PowerPoints we've created), but I couldn't find either of them. Marilyn had one at work, but I've no clue where the other one is! I wanted to use them to test a PowerPoint on our new Presentation laptop to finish the process of setting it up... (I still need to do that, by the way, so I'm not done for the night!)

I can't wait to go take a nap and maybe read a little in my book...

And I've got a busy day (with meetings) set up for tomorrow, so I should try and get a decent night's rest if possible.

But don't get me wrong -- I do love my work! I'll be hauling three computers to work tomorrow, but it's all good! (smile)

Tags: busy, festival, it-manager, it-related, jump-drive, laptop, marilyn, powerpoint, sick, website, work

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