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Expectations? They're Outrageous, Of Course!

Our expectations have really become ridiculous -- there's no doubt about it. We have a hard time realizing that you can't always reach someone right this minute, because of our technology. People do still need to be away from their cell phones and computers, after all!

And I'm as bad as everyone else. I admit it.

But it's okay to go to the bathroom, have a coffee break, go to lunch, be in a meeting (sans cell), be busy with a work-related project, be busy with a non-work-related project, go to the doctor, get your hair cut, take a nap, SLEEP and lots, lots more.

And it doesn't mean you're slacking off if you're not immediately available, even if many tend to perceive it as such!

We need to lower our expectations. I'm going to work on that, because I can't preach it if I don't practice it!

No wonder it's such a stressful world. Instead of appreciating the positive advantages of technology, we lose sight of the very human people who are behind all of it...

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