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Alan Norton: 10 things I'd like to see in the next version of Windows

Yeah, yeah. I get so many newsletters via email that it's hard for me to keep up with all of them. But I need to keep up with IT-related subjects and with web-creation subjects, so...

I really enjoyed what Alan Norton shared today: 10 things I'd like to see in the next version of Windows

I haven't tried Windows 7 yet, but I'm actually anxious to do so. I've heard some really good things. However, Alan's number one suggested change still worries me! Here's what he says:

quotes left 1: A smaller footprint

Let's get real-world for a moment. Vista and now Windows 7 have reached the size limit for dial-up users. The huge service packs and updates are the problem (Figure A). Millions are still using dial-up and downloading the updates following a clean reinstall can take days to complete. quotes right

I strongly feel that the OS shouldn't be a huge resource-drain. Frankly, as someone who uses graphics programs a lot, I'd like to save my resources for other purposes! And all Microsoft programs (like Word and Excel, in other words) are also resource-hogs, so...

There's a certain weird arrogance in the assumption that all users will have new and loaded computers and connect to the internet with cable or DSL. Or maybe only the IMPORTANT users -- the ones who matter to Microsoft -- are those who meet those requirements.

As a webmaster, I'm always trying to think about the opposite of the 'power user' -- that person who has an older computer, is using an older browser (probably because his computer won't support a newer version) and is on dial-up. (I could go on about PDF files that are too damn large -- don't get me started -- but that's another discussion! And one I was having yesterday, considering I always prefer smaller PDFs at our festival website.) Being inclusive requires us to think about the fact that not everyone can afford to have the 'best' and latest when it comes to computers and connections!

Seriously, I know I go on and on about my issues with Microsoft, but I do have some valid reasons for how I feel. Most of us will be using Microsoft products forever, but I'd like to feel better about doing so, I really would. And when Microsoft starts to recognize the concerns of all those 'little people' better, I'll change my tune a ton, I promise! (smile)
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