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Busy Work Day at the Office!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got home from work by 8:00 p.m., thankfully. I'm beat tonight.

I just got done making some website changes and doing some IT work. It's all good...

I didn't BEGIN to touch (pack) the IT Room today, even though that was one of my main goals. But I did get to meet with Pam (our new Staff member) and do a lot of other IT things, so whatever.

I'm running a temperature tonight (slightly over 100°). I just can't seem to totally shake the bug, but I don't care. I have work to do, so I'm going to do it!

Happily, my work tomorrow is here at home. I need to work on two new laptops, so that will take several hours.

Great news -- the MAC users Remote Desktop issue may have been solved at long (long) last. We'll know for sure on Thursday, but it looks really good! Wow, will that take care of a lot of IT headaches (and extra work) for me if it can happen...

I really need to work both Thursday and Friday. And we plan to go in on Sunday to pack up Marilyn's office. So there's a lot to do, but that's to be expected with the MOVE coming up next Friday (a week from this Friday).

I'm currently reading Arthur Golden's "Memoirs of a Geisha," which is a fabulous read. (And I actually really liked the movie, for the record.) I should finish it soon.

Paul wants me to read "Spring Moon: a Novel of China," by Bette Bao Lord. I wasn't familiar with this title, but I had long ago read her novel Eighth Moon: The True Story of a Young Girl's Life in Communist China." I recall it made a strong impression on me -- of course, I was in grade school when I read it!

I need a nap (or just to go to bed). Soon, I think!

Both Marilyn and I talked to sister Sue suzy_qp today -- and she brought over some food to us after we got home tonight. She's still sick, too, by the way. Peter is still sick, too, but at work. Hailey seems okay and Christie seems better. Rich wasn't feeling well today and was sent home (poor guy). This damn flu sucks big time, that's all I know.

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