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Work From Home!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn just spent three hours working on her budgets here at home. I worked on my IT Manual and Phone System Manual part of that time -- and spent the rest of the time doing something that's pretty amazing for me, which was clearing off the desk in our home office.

I should have taken a 'before' photo, but didn't think to do that. Anyway, there's actually bare surface where we could work now. I've given us each a wire basket for folders and stuff. We plan to clean up more of the office soon, to get ready for when we're working together from home. The cyber office model is a good one, I think. I feel we can use that for our GREEN office mission, too, as every person who works from home is one less person on the roads driving to and from work (and so on).

Of course, as I've made clear forever, I've been doing work at home for years and years. It's actually the norm for me. I feel I'm probably more productive in many ways when doing work at home. (I take very few breaks, that's for sure.)

Well, Marilyn is playing Zuma (she's earned some game time) and I plan to, too, for a little bit. It's nearing midnight and we're back to work again tomorrow.

I can't wait until we get the office really organized and cleaned up.

And I can't wait until we get the WHOLE HOUSE organized and cleaned up, too! That's certainly our goal. But recent events have kept us either too busy or too sick to do much. But we're not going to give up on this, believe me.

Off to play Zuma now! (grin)

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