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Work and a Festival Website Issue

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I went to the new MOR furniture store out on Stark Street to look for a new lamp. We found one we like, but they didn't have anything in stock -- they were making people go to the Tigard store to pick up items. (yikes) An amusing moment was when the sales associate referred to the Tear-guard store. Another associate looked at him blankly before correcting the pronunciation to 'Tie-gerd' (which is how Tigard is actually pronounced). The first guy was from California and had no clue how to direct people to the other location here in Oregon. (I should have asked him to say Oregon, because most non-Oregonians can't pronounce the name! Don't get me started...)

Anyway, they have wonderful furniture at great prices. We saw a sofa and love seat set we liked, floor lamps we liked and more than one lamp. And we may have found a new recliner for me for the family room that was $200 (cheaper than the chairs we'd looked at over at IKEA). We'll go back later when they aren't quite as new -- unless we can get ourselves to drive to the Tigard store (not as convenient and far from where we'd like to go).

After that we went to the office to work. I needed to move Rich's computer and phone to the part of the bull pen that is still ours. The auditors will be using Rich's office for the next week or so, and as he's only in a few days between now and the move on November 20, it should work fine for him.

I was worried about the phone switch, as things had been moved around in the IT Room and the monitor for the phone system was sitting on the floor -- not easy to use from there! But I moved a bunch of (heavy) stuff around and got it back the way I needed it. And I carried his tower, etc. over to the new spot -- and unplugged and moved his phone -- and got him all set up again. Moving phones requires Server access and settings, so it's more complicated than just unplugging it and moving the phone. But I also needed to change the settings for not being on Daylight Saving Time, which hadn't been done yet, so it was all good.

Boy, IT requires a person to be a pack horse (mule?), I have to say. And to crawl on the floor and under desks all the time. (yikes) You'd think I'd be used to that by now, wouldn't you? (grin)

Marilyn had tons of emails to wade through -- and was getting ready to work on her budgets. Being off work for a week puts her way behind, but she'll be okay. She's truly amazing when it comes to work, so nothing keeps her down for long.

Geoff was there when we got there and working almost the entire time (he left right before us). I like him so much -- he's a really nice guy. He had the week from hell last week (he told me it was the second worst week of his entire life). He still can only receive and not send email (!!!), for example. And he had an encounter with a group of skinheads outside his home -- and a week later they came back and slashed the tires on his car and on the car of his girlfriend! (To the tune of $1,700, no less.) Plus he had sick kids at home -- and Julie (who he said is 50% of his operation) had her baby the day they moved in and has been out, which was totally unexpected. Poor Geoff!

We got Taco Bell on the way home and then watched some TV and had a nap. I got an email about one of the festival website accounts (we have others besides the main one), offering me a 'free' service. You'd think that I'd be pleased by that, but I was worked into a frenzy! The hosting service did this last year with two of my personal domains/websites -- and if you fail to later renew the PAID services, you're forced to republish your entire website! I absolutely don't want to end up with this issue for the festival website a year from now. Just skip giving me your so-called free service -- and don't f-up the site, please. I've got enough IT and website work without you adding to it, thanks. (sigh) Yeah, it got me going...

Marilyn seems to be feeling better, but I'm hoping she won't overdo. I'm still fighting the tail end of my own flu, so I know what I'm talking about.

And, no, I haven't started writing my NaNo story yet. I'm sure I'll get to it soon. (I'm not worried, as I know what can be done in a short period of time if necessary...)

I need to do my health insurance papers and get those in! There's always something...

Wow, and I thought this would be a short entry! (heh)

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