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Stormy Weather...

Sister Sue suzy_qp hauled me to Freddies to get a few more groceries (including the all-essential toilet paper) after she got done with her Thursday grass roots cribbage at around 10:00 p.m. Before that, Marilyn and I were watching more TV, in this case the On Demand movie "88 Minutes," with Al Pacino.

The weather here today has been very nasty! It was raining while Sue and I were out, but what had us all going earlier were the high winds! There are trees and lines down all over Portland and the surrounding areas, and they say it's going to be worse tomorrow. (sigh)

Marilyn has a parade creative meeting first thing in the morning, but needless-to-say (in my opinion, anyway), she won't be attending. She's pretty miserable tonight and has been having that terrible headache that seems to be par for the course with this flu.

I wish I could say I was a ton better, but I'm not. As I sit typing this, I'm sneezing like bad, have a sore throat and and still coughing, but not horribly bad, thankfully. I'd love to be over this thing, but I'm trying not to dwell on it.

Madhu announced today that she's pregnant -- I'm very happy for her. (Marilyn and I already knew, but we've been keeping the secret until she was ready to announce it to everyone. We've been watching her like mad to make sure she didn't lift things or work too hard, considering her condition.)

Kent has blown off another appointment he was supposedly attending next Tuesday (installing Comcast at our temporary offices where we'll be moving on November 20). Hopefully he's not needed for this and others can pick up the slack...

We've been watching episodes of "The Good Wife" (on CBS), which seems like a good show. Well written and well acted and directed. Again, a show that they played out of order from the original shooting, for whatever reason (???). As Marilyn noted, On Demand is the only way to watch these, avoiding slews of commercials. Plus it's great to watch several episodes in a row and get really caught up.

We were talking about how much TV we see this way. She was remembering watching a bunch of movies the last time she was home sick, too. Much of the time normally we just don't have time to watch it -- and especially not series TV from week to week.

We used to be so tied to TV. We had a lot of shows we'd NEVER miss every single week. I remember quitting a church choir years ago when they start having practices on Thursday nights during the time our whole family would watch "The Waltons" together. It was a big deal when we all sat down to watch a given show, so I wasn't willing to give that up. (I remember it like it was yesterday...) We followed more TV than I could begin to list here -- but we didn't begin to have the work schedules then that we do now! So often we work until late at night. There's only so many hours in a day, after all.

It's interesting how we traded places with our sister Sue! It used to be that she just didn't watch much TV, period. But now that she's retired, she watches a ton and we watch less. She used to really not get the way we were 'hooked' on TV, but now she totally does! We talk about it and laugh about it, because who'd have ever guessed it would end up this way?

Well, I'm going to take a long soak in a hot tub. My right hip is giving me fits (which hasn't really been true in years), so I think it would feel great. I'm currently reading Tony Hillerman's "Dance Hall of the Dead" (from 1973), which won the MWA Edgar Allen Poe Award for the Best Mystery Novel of the West for that year. It's a terrific read! I love the descriptions, which are really poetic. So I'll take the book in the tub with me.

I do hope Marilyn feels better soon. I know she must be antsy to get back to work, and I suppose she'll insist on going Tuesday, come hell or high water -- whether she's really better by then, or not. I feel so bad for her. She's miserable, poor thing.

This damn flu seems to be getting everyone!

I can't wait to feel good again. I'd like to do some pre-winter yard work (that I never did get to last year), for one thing. And winterize the house a bit, too. And do some housecleaning, which I haven't felt up to facing lately. And some more writing (I've got two contests and NaNo, after all).

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