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And The Hits Keep Coming... Marilyn's Sick.

Looks like Marilyn's mistressmarilyn got the flu, too. (Or should I say 'my' flu -- as in 'I gave it to her'?)

Our female cat -- April Dancer (does anybody remember the name?) -- is sitting here next to me as I type this. Sweet girl! She's sitting on Marilyn's computer chair and purring like mad.

Anyway, TMI, but Marilyn was nauseous all morning. So of course you have to think: Is this because of the car accident? Is it because she's just started hormone therapy and is adjusting to her hormones? Or does she have the flu?

Normally she doesn't have nauseous spells, but did last week. (It passed after around an hour, she told me.) That seems hormone-related to both of us. (The whole crappy thing can make you feel so ridiculously lousy, after all. Ugh. Let me do a rant one these days on that one. I mean, you wait your whole damned life to quit having periods and instead get something far worse? How unfair is that?)

She tried to swerve to avoid the man who was pulling out of a parking lot and struck her. But there was no police report and no witnesses. And he had passengers with him. So hopefully no fault will fly Marilyn's way!

Hey, it could have been worse. She had to pull into a second lane to avoid this being worse.

He hit the passenger side back door. It's bad. I tried opening the front door, but it's jammed. (I did not try opening the back door -- we don't need to end up with that hanging open, after all.)

She's got an appointment to take it in to her body shop (the one our family has used for decades) on Monday. She'll just have to drive it 'til then. (I'll be getting in on the driver's side in the back seat, clearly.)

We hope it can be fixed. We're counting on not having a car payment (the car is payed off) for awhile, seeing as we've got to help our sister Sue out with her bills as she declares bankruptcy. (I mean her living expenses after the bankruptcy, to be more exact!)

The lawyer wants to help her keep the house and car, but I don't know if it can be done or not. We certainly don't have the $$$ to help with those expenses!

Anyway, I'm rambling today. Nerves, maybe. (grin) Ignore the lack of any train of thought, please!

Marilyn went directly from her car accident into a very stressful meeting. She had enough of a break after that to call home and tell me about the accident before going into another (even more stressful) meeting! She came home directly after that, wanting to rest before going to two meetings this afternoon...

But she's sick. She was in the bathroom puking hard. And there was nothing to get up, seeing as she hadn't had a bite all day. That's sick, as far as I can see...

She couldn't face a cup of hot tea, even. Or more than water to wash out her mouth. I'll need to get something down her, but I remember how it was for me. I wasn't peeing because I wasn't drinking...

But she did ask for a glass of cold milk. I go to get her some and realize we're out.

So I rode my bike down to the store for milk, pop, some ice cream (for when she can face it) and some candy she could suck on to get the taste of stomach acid out of her mouth/throat.

At first I wasn't going to try the bike, which meant riding in some traffic. But we had no cash in the house and the store up the street is cash-only (what we fondly call a 'greedy-mart' -- my dad's name for it). I needed to use a charge card, so...

I twist my ankle getting the bike out. Figures. I feel it's a sign to be very, very careful on the bike! (Duh.)

I haven't been wearing my contacts because of the flu, but don't see as well with my glasses. So I put in contacts and throw on clothes (I'm a sight) and head out.

My tires are low! So I decide not to risk it. (I've had to walk a bike home before ladden with heavy items and it's no fun when you're well!)

I go to the bank and get out a twenty then go back to this small automotive shop I've never been to and ask if I can get air.

They were really nice and said 'yes' right off -- and then handed me the hose! Okay, I hate to admit it, but it's been literally years since I filled my own tires. I have a bike shop I go to that always does it for me...

I filled 'em. (Way too full, but what the hell. They didn't explode coming home, anyway!) It was sort of exciting. (grin)

I got to the store and got the groceries and made it home again -- all without getting into an accident myself.

I was worn out and sweaty as hell, but rather proud of myself, frankly. Just shows what you can do when you have to!

Sweet April is lying on that chair, but she keeps reaching out one paw to touch my leg. Isn't that darling? She's a little comfort.

We often say when we're ill or a bit down that the cats are 'giving us their energy' by coming around. (They always seem to know, anyway!)

I'd written an email to my friend and neighbor June to tell her what was up. Things are even worse over at her house! Her mother had surgery on Monday and she's now there at June's house, poor dear. (She's basically dying of cancer. Such a sweet woman.) Anyway...

Sue just called me and was headed home. Candy (her daughter/my niece -- who lives with her) has the flu, too! She's running at the other end, apparently. Sue had to take Nicole (the six-year-old) to school today. (I wonder who picked her up after? Hm.)

Well, the sun's shining. That's a plus. As Marilyn will have to drive the car for the next three days, it's good not to have to worry about rain damage. (There's a decide 'wind' coming from the dented door, according to Marilyn.)

Bad things come in threes, right? (Our Mom was a font of such 'wisdom' -- she knew every superstition known to man...)

Can I count my flu as one? The car as two? Marilyn being sick as three? Or does being sick count? Mom would know. (grin)

Well, Marilyn's alive. That's a big plus. I was insisting this morning that she go to the doctor and be checked over, but she refused. Probably couldn't have gotten in same day, anyway. And as she got so sick, I wouldn't have wanted her driving there -- it's quite a distance!

But her back hurts. That could be the flu, of course. (I've ached so bad with it for days now.) I hope she's not hurt.

The car? Please let it be 'fix-able' -- but if not, we'll deal.

We always do.

I refuse to dwell on this further. Hell, it could always be worse...

Better go check on Marilyn!

Hugs to all my friends.


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