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We've been watching a lot of movies and TV, which is normal when you're sick. Marilyn mistressmarilyn had the horrible headache today, which was one of the worst parts of the flu for me, personally.

Anyway, we'd bought the DVD "From Hell" recently, so we watched that and really enjoyed it (we'd seen it before, actually, and thought it would make a good Halloween movie).

We also watched a bunch of "Medium" episodes On Demand, including the one with "Night of the Living Dead" -- very clever! (Did I ever mention in my blog that years ago Marilyn and I met Russell Streiner (the actor who protrayed Johnny) at a local theater when they were playing the movie? It's a weird and whacky world!

I need to go and finish up the garbage and recycling. Marilyn has been sitting up and doing some work on her laptop from home. Hopefully she plans to stay home again tomorrow, because she's far from better in my opinion. (At one point today I heard her trying to convince a friend she DIDN'T have the flu, but I'm certainly not buying that...) Peter's still out sick, too. I know Carol is back at work (as I mentioned), but I never heard about Christie. (I'm guessing she's back, though.) Carol may have hired the replacement for Mandy, which is very good news. I'll be in the loop on that, as I need to give her computer instruction (as I do everyone when they first start at the office). Plus I'll need to set up her user account and so on, obviously. (I wonder if she has a PC or a MAC at home???)

We've been sleeping a LOT here, and generally staying down and taking it easy. I'm still far from 100%, though I'm not coughing all that much anymore, thankfully. I won't go into the area that's still not great, as it's probably TMI, to say the least. And, no, I still haven't started NaNo, but I did work a little on one contest entry. I've got to decide what I'm doing for the one in December, though.

It looks like the eBulletin I needed to do for work won't be going out this week, after all. Anyway, I can't start it at this point, because the details aren't set. So no worries about that deadline. They don't take long to code, so it's no big deal, anyway. I imagine I'll need to get going on a bunch of website work soon. I did a tweak for Carol today (based on closing that position), and I'm ready to go at any point. My focus has been IT recently, but that's constant, so whatever. Plus I need to help the final stages of transferring the OMT band website. I'm so pleased that EasyStreet is going to continue hosting them pro bono, as they do the festival website! And I was proud of my part in that transition...

Well, it's past midnight, so I'm off to finish up. Maybe Marilyn and I will watch more TV, unless she's difted off to sleep. It's hard for her to sleep at night, she's restless and achy, the way you get with the flu. But we both had a long, long nap this afternoon, so that's a good thing!

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