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Flu Update and the New Series "V"!!!

Unfortunately, it looks like Marilyn mistressmarilyn has the flu. At least she didn't end up getting it directly from me, as I haven't been contagious for ages now. Anyway, I feel so bad for her! I know she feels worse than she's letting on. She's got a temperature and body aches and all of that and was up almost all night last night. Happily she did sleep a lot today, anyway. I hope she feels better soon and doesn't have this for very long.

I guess Carol was back to work at the festival today (Paul told me she was 'coughing up a lung,' though). Hailey told me she felt better. And I got the email news that Peter was going home sick -- I was told they practically forced him to do that. Our work policy is that anyone who is sick and still contagious will GO HOME and STAY HOME, so we can try not to keep passing it around again and again.

As I said before, Marilyn felt terrible last night and was up almost all night long. Poor Marilyn! She says she feels better tonight, but I think it's way too early to tell, personally (remembering my own experience).

Sister Sue suzy_qp took me shopping today to pick up a few things we really needed. She's still not feeling great, but plans to attend another cribbage tournament this weekend (her fourth weekend in a row). She got her Masters points recently, which is very cool!

Marilyn and I were HUGE fans of the original "V" series. And we both loved the new ABC series of "V" that started tonight! PLEASE NOTE: That link has a video that auto-plays, I'm afraid... Sorry about that! (sigh)

We've been watching re-runs of the original "V" on the SYFY Channel and enjoying it immensely! Though the weekly TV series didn't stand up to the quality of the miniseries, we watched it ALL (and have quite a few of the books that were put out, too).

We can't wait to see the show again next week, that's for sure! They've done a fabulous job with this.

Today I was writing another potential Writer's Digest entry for a contest. The deadline for this one is November 10. There's yet another contest deadline coming up on December 1, as well.

No, I haven't yet started NaNoWriMo. But no worries! Last year I didn't even START NaNo until November 22! So... (smile)

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