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VERY Lazy Sunday! (smile)

No, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I didn't end up going to the NaNo writing thing at midnight last night. Just as well. We were both tired and it had been such a long and busy week. We will try to make some of the writing gatherings, though. We did it last year and it was fun...

I didn't get up until after NOON today! Yeah, we stayed up really, really late (most of the night) and had no plans, so why not?

Remember me mentioning HERE that I was reading "On the Rock: twenty-five years in Alcatraz," by Alvin Karpis (as told to Robert Livesey)?

Well, I finished it -- and it was a better book than I indicated initially. I wasn't high on the quality of the writing when I started the book, but it really was much better than I thought. And I really ended up liking Alvin Karpis a lot -- in fact, I'm thinking I want to write at least one story that features him as a character. The book was very revealing about Alcatraz. It's certainly not the first thing I've ever read about the prison, but Alvin had amazing insight. And I felt it was an extremely honest person, believe it or not. I really felt like he told things they way they were.

I'm actually sorry to be done with the book, it ended up such a good read! I've got several other books I've started, but none of them have grabbed me the way that book did.

Marilyn and I just played our fave HOG (hidden object game), "Escape Rosecliff Island." We always have a lot of fun with that game. We've played MANY of them to date, but we always go back to that one and play it over and over again -- going for speed and top scores.

And we've played a bunch of Zuma today, too. Always good fun!

Our friend Shari told me she's in book five of the "Harry Potter" series -- which is quite a surprise! Years ago we gave her a set of several of the movies for Christmas (or her bday) and she had no interest in them, because even though she's always been into fantasy books for reading, she hadn't read a single one of the books. (They were video tapes, it was that long ago.) Anyway, Marilyn and I just figured she'd never be interested, so we don't even talk to her about Harry Potter. She's even seen the most recent movie! She told me something like she couldn't really follow it, as she hasn't read that book yet -- but I told her Marilyn loved it and she hadn't read the book. So...

I should be working on one of my stories, as the deadline for submitting to the current writing contest is TOMORROW (November 2). But I think I'd prefer a nap, which Marilyn just suggested!

I saw our neighbor Jim outside and took him a basket of Halloween candy for him and June (I usually share some with them every year). We didn't talk for long, though. It was another lovely day (blue skies) today and warm, too. Yesterday was a WONDERFUL day for Halloween, dry and warm. (I think I said that before...) We're in a rather nice weather spell, which is lovely!

The hot dogs yesterday were WONDERFUL, as was the chili! We've had chili again today, yummy as all get out. And our family tradition has always called for those, plus cake donuts, which we've been having around for ages -- plus the little powdered sugar donuts, too. Food, I love you! (In spite of eating a lot yesterday -- including some candy -- my blood sugar was really good again this morning! Go, me.)

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