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Happy Halloween!

Racing at the very last minute, I got my Halloween challenge story posted featuring John Dillinger's ghost haunting Melvin Purvis at Melrose House.

By the way, during my research for the fanfic, I found the original Melrose House in Natchez, Mississippi (Melvin's was on Cherokee Road, in Florence, South Carolina). Comparing photos of the two houses is eerie!!! Melvin seriously copied the famous plantation house, though making his smaller. I should gack photos and share them here sometime...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I did stop by and 'trick or treat' our friend Mitch (and finally take him his bday pirate hat we got him). He had many cool carved pumpkins and a lot of decorations outside. He was bummed when we told him we weren't doing trick or treaters this year, as normally we phone back and forth and compare our results...

We also spoke to sister Sue suzy_qp (who is much sicker now) and our friend Shari by phone. And went out briefly to do some shopping, so we saw many kids and parents out going house to house.

It was a nice day. We took it really easy and watched a lot of TV and ate great food, read and played games and wrote. Great fun!

Tags: 2009, fanfic, food, halloween, marilyn, mitch, movie, october-2009, reading, sister-sue, tv, writing

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