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Annual Board Meeting (Busy Day!)

This was a busy day. I stayed home in the morning (still worn out from the flu) and rested. But I also got some work done. I set up the transfer of the Band website, for one thing. It's as good as done now.

I washed my hair and got dressed (I wore black slacks, a red sweater and black jacket) for the Board Meeting. Marilyn mistressmarilyn came home to get me a noon.

At one point she'd told me it would be okay if I stayed home today and skipped the meeting. But I'm glad I insisted on going in! The IT guy for the new owners was there around 3:00 p.m. (with Kris from the Rosarians helping him), and he had me move things on the IT Room counter to make way for the new (and very large) Server. I also helped him around the office getting ready for tomorrow.

Then at 4:00 p.m. the new owner Geoff and a bunch of his staff came by with computers and their Server! Considering we were supposed to leave around 4:30-5:00-ish for our meeting, this was interesting timing for us! I was chuckling like mad about it.

Anyway, they're very nice people! And I helped Geoff put the Server upstairs for tomorrow and greeted and talked to several of them.

Then we took off for our meeting being held in downtown Portland. Traffic was a bitch, but we got there in time. Marilyn was running the PowerPoint on her laptop, and I sat by her to run it during her part of the presentation (she spoke about the move).

The Staff got a lot of attention and thanks, which was cool. The PowerPoint went really well, as did the speeches by various speakers, including Robert, Jeff, Gail, Charold and Marilyn. At the end we played our Auction PowerPoint (for the Appeal), and everyone seemed to love it! In fact, one Board member was so moved by it that she immediately gave a $200 check for the Appeal! Very cool.

Arthur announced that not only did the Auction make budget, but we may have exceeded it -- which is incredible in the current economy!

Anyway, a busy and successful day!

Marilyn and I dashed to Freddie's for mostly comfort (junk?) food, including mac and cheese, donuts, chips, etc. (plus some essentials like dishwashing liquid and more mouse traps). We'd eaten leftovers for a late dinner, but had snacks when we got back from the store. Now we're both beat and ready for a nap!

The good news about tomorrow?

We originally thought we needed to be at the office by 7:00 a.m. -- and now it's okay if we're not there until 8:30 a.m.! That hour and a half extra will be well appreciated come tomorrow morning, believe me. We have another very long day in front of us, with the move-in of the new owners probably taking up most of the day!

I did manage to order a new laptop to be our Presentation Laptop (in place of the old one, which doesn't work all that well). I needed to do it before the end of our fiscal year. The new fiscal year begins November 1. I couldn't get the exact same model as the last four, because Buy.Com no longer sells that one (!!!) -- but this one is pretty close, thankfully (and still runs Windows XP).

What else?

I'm still coughing and still having bad headaches, but hopefully I'm close to well now. We only have Halloween (trick or treaters) and attending the opening write-in for NaNo (midnight Saturday night) this weekend. We do need to get manicures, though. Otherwise we can goof off and get some much-needed REST over the weekend! (woo hoo)

Marilyn has been AMAZING this week! Actually, she's been amazing all month long. I don't know how we'd do the move without her leadership, that's for sure...

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