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Another (Damn) Mouse!

While I was out in the garage working on the garbage and recycling (which is happily DONE, and it's not even 5:00 p.m. yet), I found the final trap had yet another dead mouse! Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I had hoped we were done with mice, and the boys (Colin and Henry) were no longer hanging around the back door that leads to the garage, so it seemed like the trial by mice was over. Not so!

Plus the chunk of cheese that had been in the trap was gone. Maybe the now-dead mouse ate it, but I'm worried that another family member grabbed it while he was firmly stuck.

We need more traps!!!

I almost hated to use my 'eeek! (gray mouse glittered)' icon for this, as it's based on a cute TOY mouse that belongs to the boys. The real thing might look cute, but they are anything but. (shudder) Of course, the mice don't look cute when they're lying there dead. (ugh) Anyway, I'm glad those glue traps work so well. I don't like putting poison out, just in case one of our cats might get out in the garage. And while I hate killing anything, these are dirty rodents!

I've still got the headache from hell and a lingering cough, and I'm still tired all the time (and dealing with bad bowels). But I'm going to work both tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday, even so. I mean, I managed to go to the Auction two days after first getting sick and I was there last Saturday for what was a hard and physically exhausting day. So what the hell, I'll live. Tomorrow (late tonight) marks three weeks since I first got this damn flu. What a bitch. I'm trying hard not to whine about it all the time, but I'm so sick of being sick -- and I have WORK I need to do.

I finished reading "The Crusader" (that I mentioned HERE), and have started a new book, "On the Rock: twenty-five years in Alcatraz," by Alvin Karpis (as told to Robert Livesey).

"The Crusader" was a wonderful read and I practically devoured the book. Really good writing, I thought. Too bad it's Eisner's only book, I'd certainly read another by him.

Marilyn bought the Karpis book recently, and I have to say it's very... blunt. I'm trying to think of a better way to express the writing. Anyway, the language is quite blue (not surprising when you consider this was a hardened criminal who ran with many other hardened criminals). I've heard what an intelligent man Karpis was, so I guess I'd expected something different. He really tells a good story, though the writing is far from that good. It's quite a page-turner, in spite of the poor quality of the writing (and that's NOT something I say very often).

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