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Ordered Contact Lenses Today - And Diabetes Supplies, Too

I forgot to mention that I ordered contact lenses today, via Lens.Com. It's quite a savings getting them there, rather than through America's Best, which is where I've been getting them for years!

I also got an automated phone call to reorder my diabetes supplies (mainly testing strips). I get this every month, and for some reason I can never seem to use the automated method to reorder. I end up on hold for ages (15 minutes today), waiting to talk to a person to simply confirm I want the exact same order I got last month. There's clearly something wrong with the automated system, but oh well...

Speaking of contacts, I had the weirdest thing happen today! I was asleep, then I woke with something hard on my cheek. It felt like a small nut shell, or something. I touched it and it was stuck there, but came free and broke under my fingers. It turned out to be my contact lens! How strange is that? It's never happened to me before, and I've worn them for a couple decades.

I took out the other contact which was also super dry. I'm not supposed to wear them when I'm sick, but I often end up doing that because glasses are so uncomfortable for me...

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