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Writing Circle is Over for October.

Another successful writing circle is over for this month. Sister Sue suzy_qp missed because she was sick (another bout of flu?), but Jodi, Angel and Dick were all there, along with Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me. We had hot dogs, chili and macaroni and cheese -- along with Halloween candy, piles of cookies, cake donuts and ice cream. All very yummy!

Marilyn announced my 78th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition win, and had me read "Get a Cat" again, to start off the meeting (while everyone was still eating). Then we all read our 'Fright Night' stories and later did an exercise that we then shared.

It was good fun. And now Marilyn is playing Zuma while I post this.

Marilyn spent two hours at work today with the movers, getting ready for the stuff that will be moved tomorrow. (She's incredible, doing all this work on the move with no complaints. And Monday is her day off this time of year, so I think she's wonderful to go in and do her thing like that.) It looks like I'm going to get an actual place in the temporary space after all (originally I wasn't), so that's cool! They provide bags for the keyboards, mice and cords for all the computers, which is also cool.

The new owners of our current building move in on Friday, so it should be interesting, to say the least. I don't mind that we're not going to get to have our annual Halloween party at work this year, as we've all been too busy to really think about costumes or items for the potluck. It doesn't hurt to miss one year, as crazy as everything has been with all this added work from the move.

I did decorate the house a little for Halloween today, and people were very nice about it. Now I can decorate more if I want, or just go with what we have. I would like to put out a few outdoor decorations, though, for the trick or treaters to see. I just didn't bother with that today.

I'm thinking about reading in my current book (set in the 1200's and featuring Spanish monks). That and the Louis L'Amore novel I just finished reading inspired me to start a story about a monk that I didn't end up finishing (I have 1,300 words so far). I actually started three stories for the writing circle topic -- 'Fright Night' -- this month, and ended up using the third one (which was just under 2,500 words). If anyone says you can't write 2,000 words a day, don't believe them. I wrote almost 4,000 just today -- and ended up with one finished story good enough to share with our group. (And with a bit of polish I'd consider it good enough to use for submissions, too.) It can be done, if you set your mind to it...

These are good things to consider as I face another year of NaNo! We mentioned it to our group, but I doubt anyone other than Marilyn and me will try it. There's another Writer's Digest contest deadline on November 2, so Marilyn and I are both considering entering something. She's got a really good piece almost ready to go, but I'll have to really put some work on something in the next few days. Still, as I always say, you can't win if you don't enter. It's really a good thing to get your work out there.

I always feel good after having cleaned up for visitors. The house is somewhat more tidy and we've had company and shared stories and all is good. It's going to be a busy week, but we're up to it!

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