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Some Days I'm an IT Genius. (Some Not So Much...)

Some days every IT issue I come up against I face just like a 'White Knight' and easily vanquish! Today, happily, is one of those days.

I was able to 'bring back' a folder Madhu needed that I thought was a goner. That was a big plus. Marilyn mistressmarilyn had given me a 'heads up' about this earlier in the week, saying Madhu wanted me to get into the 'backup' and get out a folder, which is not something that can be done. But this was do-able (obviously) without the backup being involved at all. (I can't quite get it across to people that the backup is only for dire emergencies, not just to find one file or one folder...)

I taught Paul how to pick up his email from a remote computer, which was simple enough. This forced me to review my own 'manual' I've been working on since 2007 and be sure it was updated accordingly for Staff use, which I did. (I've needed to do that for ages, actually.) That one was a no-brainer, but still.

I took one of the computers off the Server to prepare it for home use, which is more difficult than it sounds. (And while doing so learned how to fix a setting that was driving me nuts. It was a simple start-run-command thing, I'm happy to say.)

I installed software applications and did some computer 'clean up' and so on. I'm close to done with the three computer set-ups for home use, which is cool.

I made sure the CD Burner had been properly moved to Carol's computer (one of Ron's assignments) -- and had Christie make a CD to 'test' that the application was there and working properly. And I moved the box of supplies to Carol's office.

I moved Angel's former tower (I still have a couple other computer things in his office to move) and phoned him to set up temp use of another tower to Remote. (I actually talked to Angel twice today by phone -- it's been ages since we spoke.)

I'm sure I'm missing other things (???), but that's a solid overview, anyway.

And Jeff asked me about both my IT Manager role and my job as Webmaster (Marilyn had mentioned that he might ask me). I assured him I'd be doing both for 2010, so that's now a done deal.

Poor Jeff! His oldest girl has the 'swine flu' (H1N1 Flu)! How does that suck??? So probably his whole family will get it (including him), which is just so wrong. Thankfully his wife Alicia is a nurse, so she's not worried. But Jeff told me it's a distraction for him (understandably), worrying about his child! Awful. I think this will be a rough season for the flu -- and that everyone is going to be getting it this year. (sigh)

Paul finished reading "The Lost Symbol" but didn't care for it. Well, not everyone will, after all. He did like the research elements, anyway -- and who wouldn't? He leaves to go 'home' on Saturday morning and will be gone all next week.

Charold was there today and did a TON of work -- including cleaning out Jessica's old office (especially all the files there). She also worked in Sara's old office and helped with those files, too. I'm soooooo glad she came in, because I'm sure I would have had to Jessica's office if she hadn't done it. (woo hoo) She just gets in and works and works until she gets stuff done. What a trooper! I adore her.

Seriously, you can really see all the work people are doing -- which is very cool! We should be ready on time next week for the new owners to move in and office-share with us. (It's certainly been a TON of work for Marilyn to take over the management of the move, believe me.)

I'm really looking forward to work tomorrow. I've got a plan and it's moving along nicely so far. (Admittedly Marilyn had to drag me out of there at 6:00 p.m., as I was in the middle of a project at that point. But no biggie.)

We came home to a message from Shari. I should try to phone or email her one of these days. I've never even told her about my diabetes at this point...

I have a killer headache again tonight (one of the effects of the flu), but I'll take some pills and it'll be okay, I'm sure. I'm still coughing, but I do feel better. I'm a little worn out, but starting to come back. (I was even moving some towers and heavy boxes today, so I'm clearly better!)

Well, maybe I'll see if Marilyn wants some peppermint ice cream before bed. We had pizza for dinner, but happily it didn't upset my stomach. I don't know about her, though! Any excuse for ice cream, I guess. (smile)

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