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Another eBulletin? Yes.

I just sent out another eBulletin (the first one since May). (The festival sends out far more eNewsletters than eBulletins, but the eBulletins are done on a very simple template and are much easier and quicker to produce.)

What this required, however, was a new webpage at the website, so accordingly it took longer to do than normal. The webpage turned out really nice, I have to say -- and it wasn't all that hard to do. I'll need another one for the NEXT eBulletin, too, so that should keep me busy and out of trouble. (smile)

I was SUPPOSED to go to work today (!!!), but Marilyn mistressmarilyn insisted that I stay home. So all I've done is finish up this job, have a nice hot bath and snooze, instead. There's a TON to do at the office, so I'm dying to get in there again.

Saturday is our BIG MOVE DAY, with a bunch of people coming in to help out! I'm excited about that.

So, while I was typing this, one of our eNewsletter subscribers used the 'Send to a Friend' feature, which is always cool! (In this case, it was an event person sending it to an arts festival. Interesting... Maybe as an example? They're in another state, so the topic covered in the eBulletin wouldn't be of interest, unless they want to have a similar event... I'm always curious about this sort of thing, I have to admit!) Yeah, I get all sorts of stats based on these things, provided by the service. Cool, huh?

Well, I guess I'm going to lie down again. I'm trying HARD to get over this cough. I want to get back to work (maybe tomorrow???), so I need to (continue) to be good. Seriously, I'm trying. This flu has really SUCKED.

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