CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Windows 7? I Read a Review...

I just read a review of Windows 7 -- and apparently it's an even bigger resource hog than Vista!

What's WRONG with this picture?

I wish Microsoft understood that we don't want our OS to use up all our resources before we even get started... (sigh)

No, I wasn't planning to rush out and get Windows 7 anyway. I clearly remember the early days of Windows XP and just how buggy it was. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big XP fan now. But it took years to really settle down after being released.

Hell, I recall the days of DOS 6! Let's talk about bugs -- and how quickly an upgrade was issued! I don't think anything ever has beaten out DOS 6 in that category. (smile)

Anyway, what pleases me about Windows 7 is Microsoft's ability to (finally) admit they were wrong about Vista. They didn't do that easily (no one will ever forget the stupid Mohave BS that was forced on us), but they did do it.

I wish I had a pipeline to the MS decision makers. I'd try to explain what the average guy looks for in an OS. And by 'average' I don't mean myself -- I mean the people I work with day in and day out who just want to use a computer to get their jobs done, and maybe for a little bit of fun now and then... And, yeah, that includes young people, too (I work with a lot of college interns aside from older PC users, after all). If only... (sigh)

I've done beta work for lots of people over the years. I feel that's necessary if we expect companies to try to 'get it right.' And some companies really work with those who beta. I wish I felt that way about Microsoft, but you guys know what I feel, so why beat that poor dead horse any more today? (Why have an 'I Hate Microsoft' icon if you don't need it frequently?)

I hope for good things with Windows 7. Partly because I hate Vista so much, and had to deal with it way more than I ever wanted to. I don't have a choice, in the long run. I only get to work with XP for a certain amount of time before I'm stuck changing, so I certainly like the idea of a non-Vista option (at long last).

Let's hope the NEXT review I read sounds more promising than the first one did. It's about time that Microsoft catches a clue...

Tags: 2009, microsoft, october-2009

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