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I've got some bug. Started to get a little 'under the weather' on Sunday, but denied it like mad. (grin)

Yesterday I had a sore throat. No big deal.

Last night? Ugh. I ached all over and could barely sleep all night long. Didn't fall asleep until nearly morning, I guess. Marilyn mistressmarilyn had an early-morning meeting today, but I never heard her leave the house!

I stayed in bed almost all day long. Didn't get up except to pee. Late this afternoon I had a hot bath and got up and brewed a cup of hot tea. That was good!

I sat up long enough to put our new poll up at our website. (No, I am not obsessed! Why do you ask?)

Our site is far from 'fancy,' but I do like it. I think it's very user-friendly, for one thing. I love the new Forum section and I think our fic and fic banners are pretty damned good -- if I do say so myself! (smile)

I'll tell you, it's only right that Marilyn's fic should all be up in one place, finally. She's such an amazingly good writer! (Okay, 'all' doesn't really describe it. We've got so much fic to type up and add! But we'll get to it... Why work on the old stuff while we're in a mood to type new fic? It can wait! LOL.)

Well, we had dinner when Marilyn finally got home from work. She's bushed. (She was up a ton with me last night, poor thing.) She's napping and I think I'll head back to bed. I've got moderation duties, etc. that I could be doing -- plus more website work. But you know what? It can wait.

I'm sick, after all. (sigh)


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