CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Better. I'd Better Be!

I'm feeling better today, thankfully. I have such a pile of work waiting for me that it's starting to worry me. So much we need to do, so little time to do it.

I phoned Ron and might be able to get him in next week to help some (fingers crossed). Meanwhile, I just need to decide what equipment will go WHERE. I need to sit down and work up an Excel spreadsheet, but frankly I don't much feel like it quite yet.

I have been doing some laundry, though. I stripped the beds and washed and dried linen and blankets. All very slowly, a little at a time.

I also did a load of dishes and picked up the kitchen a bit.

Since the bed linens, I've done several more loads of laundry -- and spent some time cleaning up the utility room just a little bit. What a mess. (sigh)

I just took something out to the garage and came face to face with an unwanted friend. (sigh) We've got mice, I'm afraid. I saw one (long story, but it's outside in back right now) and heard another. So I put out a trap and we'll see what happens. I don't want to trap them (ugh), but I need them OUT of there. I find mice filthy and disgusting. (No wonder Henry was hanging around the door to the garage earlier today!) I suppose the one that was outside will be back IN by now, but if I need to put out more traps, I will. I'm determined to see them gone.

I'd suspected mice before, as we found a floral arrangement I'd stored out there all chewed up recently. Have I mentioned how much I hate mice? (smile)

I need to go and bring in the garbage can and recycling roller bin. And I just keep doing loads of wash, then drying them. I got a load of whites done, so I'll have a shirt for the Rose Planting tomorrow (it's a uniform event). Reminds me, I need to go hang them up!

I am still taking it pretty easy. I'm going with Marilyn mistressmarilyn to work tomorrow, and we've got a lot planned to do (aside from the event I just mentioned).

Where did the day go??? I can't believe it's 5:00 p.m. already!

Well, back to clothes, I guess...

Tags: 2009, cleaning, festival, housework, laundry, marilyn, october-2009, rose-plantings, sick, work

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