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Computer Help? This is What I Do.

Meanwhile, on the IT Management front...

At our office, IT Management covers a wide range of topics. I generally assume others will recognize what those are, but now and then it occurs to me that this might be a bit vague (no kidding).

Basically, if it involves computers in almost any way, then it falls inside my purview.

I know that sounds like a lot, but remember that we're a small office, so it's probably less than it sounds, really. Anyway, today that involved logging in to an account that's only rarely used (in order to send out email from our foundation president). Then changing some minor settings that even I don't remember that well, because I rarely use them. (I had to log in to my own account to recall them, because I couldn't just picture them in my head, the way I normally can...)

In other words, I was barely needed at all -- but was glad to be able to help out a little bit.

And that's my main job as IT Manager -- to help people out when they need it. With small jobs and larger ones, day in and day out. To be there when someone needs me, no matter when that might be. Right now I'm home sick (in my pajamas, mind you), but I was at the other end of the phone, anyway. Frequently I'm just on the phone providing support.

I continue to wish I knew MORE about this work. I guess you can never know enough, really. But I also continue to try and learn whatever seems to prove helpful to the members of our Staff (and sometimes to the Board members, too). I don't need to actually know everything, anyway. Lots of what I do is helping provide others (and/or other services) to do necessary work and support. Oh! That might literally be the 'manager' part. (grin) Okay, okay, the title is just a title, and I don't really know how well I 'manage' these things, but the work has been both challenging and satisfying, so I guess that's a good thing.

I don't have a huge staff of IT people working for me. I'm pretty much it. (smile) Now and then I work with sub-contractors and volunteers. I've never even had an Intern.

Some days I'm barely adequate. Other days? I'm the computer god -- and I rock! When I save someone's work or solve some problem, it's pretty cool, I have to admit. Maybe I'll take an actual class some time and learn more about it. More than likely I'll never have enough spare time, though. So I'd better keep trying to figure things out on the fly -- and pick the brains of those who know and are willing to share (the way I've always been willing to share).

I still have a love/hate relationship with IT Management. I didn't really pick the job -- the job picked me (and pretty much by default). Wow, that's kind of like the Holy Grail! You do not find the Grail, the Grail finds you. Okay, forgive me, as you know I'm still reading "The Da Vinci Code." (grin)

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