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Quick Update (and I mean quick -- it's 3:22 a.m. here)...

Where have I been?

Good question!

Well, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have been pretty wrapped up in our website CamelotSlash.Com, for one thing...

We actually added a Forum there yesterday. The amazing thing is that we could take a free forum and make it appear so integrated into our website. I'm personally amazed by that!

We've been writing a lot of fic and making a lot of fic banners and putting these up not only at our site, but the "King Arthur" stuff is being shared at a couple of KA-related sites, as well.

Plus we've been very wrapped up over at Yahoo! groups. We've got 12 major groups (and several 'minor' ones that aren't currently very active) that we own/moderate that take a lot of our free online time...

We're proud of the way we have those groups set up. We discovered a few weeks back that Y!G's internal search engine (per each list, that is) doesn't search the Messages archives very well anymore (!!!) -- so if you want people to be able to locate the fic successfully, you need to set up links to it. We're carefully doing exactly that. (grin)

That's just one way we try to make our lists more 'user-friendly' for the members.

(I never did put up the post that told about the crap we encountered at one list when we made a list of our own that was something of a mirror site! What a crock. You should have heard the nasty accusations we had to listen to. Yikes.)

Things are considerably worse with sister Sue, on a down note. I'll go into that again soon, but I'm in too good a mood to worry about it right now. (grin)

Marilyn just finished an amazing fic ("Alecto") that she did an incredible amount of research on. (And I mean exactly that!)

She and I have been talking about how interesting it is for us right now writing fic. We're both history buffs, but we're learning so much in doing fic research!

By the way, some KA fic makes us both nuts, considering it's so WRONG historically speaking (going by movie canon here, by the way). Sure, add all the Arthurian mythology you want, but if you're using the basic movie characters and movie time period, then try to get that right, will you? Good God. (I don't recall who Marilyn said one author was calling the Sarmatian knights... maybe it was the Sumerians? And I saw one writer refer to the Romans as the Romanians. Right.)

Nobody seems to be doing research on the Sarmatians, by the way. I've done tons, just as MM has done tons on Rome during that period. (grin)

Well, as it's going on 4 a.m., I'll stop until tomorrow...

More thoughts and updates soonest!

(hugs to all my friends)


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