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Okay. I'm SICK of Being Sick. (sigh)

I'm seriously SICK of being sick. (sigh)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn patiently pointed out to me that I haven't even been sick for a week yet (seems longer), and that these things generally run two weeks. (Not that she hasn't pointed that out to me every single time I'm sick, but I clearly don't learn easily... grin...)

Really, I'm trying not to whine. But I'm not a person who enjoys spending days and days being down...

So, what have I been up to?

Mostly nothing. I've read a little bit here at LJ. (Including a wonderful "PE" fanfic.) Last night Marilyn read me her wonderful fic that's a "3:10 to Yuma"/"Tombstone" crossover. (I even had dreams about it...) Fanfic is ALWAYS a good thing, but it's especially nice when you don't feel well.

I've watched a little bit of TV. Mostly On Demand stuff. (JFK stuff that's been excellent. Plus some History Channel things.) And I've read, but only a little bit.

I haven't been sitting up all that much, so I haven't really been online to speak of.

Right now Henry is sitting in my lap purring. We always say that when a cat hovers around you while you're sick that he's giving you his energy (to get better). (Or she, as the case may be.)

Marilyn's here now and playing Zuma. Makes me want to play, so here I go!

Tags: 2009, henry-tudor-cat, jfk, marilyn, october-2009, reading, sick, tv, zuma

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