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Great. We've Got a Cat Burglar in Our Area...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn just emailed to tell me that we've got a Cat Burglar in our area -- in our IMMEDIATE area, mind you!

(An aside: I wonder if that's what happened to my package that supposedly got delivered here and never showed up???)

This person/persons have hit 19 homes to date, directly around our house! Most of these have happened during the day, I'm sorry to say. Normally we feel pretty safe here, day or night, but shit happens everywhere, I'm afraid.

They're stealing mostly small, easy-to-grab stuff, like laptops, cameras and cellphones. (Who leaves their cellphones home while they're out? Assuming this is happening when people aren't home, as the article I read didn't say...)

We have an alarm and always have it on when we're gone. So I suspect we should be okay. But we'll be even better now about putting it on when we're IN the house (day or night), because better safe than sorry!

We already make a practice of NOT opening our door to strangers (no matter how harmless they appear), even during the day. You just can't be too careful these days.

Well, I'm for a nap! (And I'm putting the alarm on first!)

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