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Sick. (ugh)

Forgive me for not reading and commenting today. I want to, but I'm sick as a dog (poor dog).

I've just been medicating and lying with no TV (even as background noise), no music and no books. I've slept on and off since around 10:00 a.m. Even phone calls barely roused me and didn't make me answer them...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn (kind soul that she is) insisted I stay home today. We can do my important IT-related part tonight (or even in the morning, if necessary), so she felt it best I just stay down. I was all for it.

Some days it's hard to even bother sitting up... (sigh)

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow -- but I'll work the entire long day whether I do or not. Short of being in the hospital, there's no good reason to miss Auction day. Of course, I've posted these sentiments before! (smile) We're special events people -- and we don't miss events. Period.

We did go out late last night and run our errands. I got some new Lexar jump drives (the only brand I trust, by the way) at Freddies. (Wal-Mart doesn't carry them, which annoys me.)

When we got home we spent under an hour re-timing the PowerPoint and making a couple of tweaks. Then we finally declared it DONE and packaged it up. Marilyn played it for Arthur (the Chairman of the event) today and told me he said it was the best one ever! Go, us. (grin)

I'm going to lie down now. Marilyn is trying to fight off my bug (I hope she can). She hung in all day yesterday, even though she had people telling her she was shaking and wanting to help her. (That's what no sleep, no food and too much caffeine will do to you!) I feel bad that she's exposed because of me, but hope she doen't actually get sick. Keep your fingers crossed for her, will you?

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