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PowerPoint -- One More Graphic Effect? Sure, No Problem! (smile)

Yeah, well so much for that nap I talked about earlier...

Anyway, I did manage to pull off the effect -- maybe not perfectly, but I did it. So tonight we'll have to plug it in to the existing PowerPoint. It's going to mess up the timing, but we'll work it out, I'm sure. What's another couple of hours tweaking the timing at this point? (smile)

Yeah, I'm now ready to lie down again. But I feel like I've earned it, now! Remember, I said I liked a challenge. And I just couldn't resist this one. (Of course, nobody but Marilyn mistressmarilyn will get how much time it took or how hard it was, but oh well. Hopefully people will like it, anyway...)

You can see a small version of how it looks here:

building before
building before

building after
building after (supposedly what it will look like)

And, no, the sign WON'T be that big -- and may look NOTHING like that. It's just the IDEA I'm going for... (smile)

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