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A Little Better?

I had a nap in spite of being awakened FOUR times by phones -- both land and cell. But only one call was the office -- and she got off quickly when she heard I was sick. (smile)

Then I sat up and had some soup (microwave heated to make it easy) and liquids (grin). I'm actually feeling a little better right now.

Earlier I was going to post and say 'I feel like total crap' (which I did). I can't recall the last time I felt this awful. But, yes, I'm feeling better -- so maybe this won't hang on to me forever.

Sister Sue suzy_qp took Nicole and went to the doctor. They were both running temperatures (I think she said Nicole was 101° and she was just over 100°), but a swab test showed they didn't have 'swine flu.' They have a virus, but I don't know whether we're talking a flu virus or a cold virus. (You'd think the doctor would have told her...) Still, it was good to rule OUT the H1N1 (formerly swine) flu, I think.

I did take my temperature, but it's only hovering around 100°, so I'm still thinking I have a cold (and not the flu). Generally with the flu a person will run a temperature of between 102° - 106°. Plus my symptoms do seem centered in my nose, as is true of colds. I feel crummy, admittedly. But I'm thinking I could be far worse.

It's interesting how difficult it is to tell the difference between a cold and the flu, though. I've read up on it, and discovered that even doctors aren't always sure which is which!

Well, I think another nap would be a good idea. I do feel run down and tired -- and starting tonight I have things I'll have to do, no matter what! I do have to go to work tomorrow, and I must be on site first thing Saturday morning for the computer set-up. Then we're there all day and late for the actual Auction. After the Auction, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I always go back to the office to put the data back on the Server. So that makes for one long day!

I've been sick during the Auction before, so no big deal. I'll medicate like mad and hope for the best. It sucks, but let's face it -- there's no GOOD time to be sick. It just is what it is. It feels pretty unfair to me (I've been trying so hard to take care of myself), but everybody gets sick, after all.

I just phoned and talked to Sue. We're both sure we'll have fun at the Auction, sick or no. But we agree it sucks to be sick!

Marilyn and I spoke, too. We have three places we need to go tonight after she gets home.

Also, Kristen had a 'wish' for the PowerPoint -- an effect that will probably take an hour (more?) to create. I'm going to nap first and then see if I feel up to trying it. I remember doing the umbrella thing back in 2007, which took me four hours to create. So...

I do love challenges, though!

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