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Ouch! (I'm So Sore.)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is downstairs (in the family room) doing the treadmill. (With hand weights, by the way.) I just spoke to her (to give her the monthly stats for our website) and she said the worst part was the heat! (It's after 11:00 a.m. and already too hot to be exercising. Ugh.)

I'm getting ready to go into my bedroom (which is upstairs here) and do the Sports Rider. (No fan or air conditioner in there. Just the overhead fan -- and thank God for that!)

At least here in the office we have the old (doesn't work that well) air conditioner. Otherwise we couldn't stand coming in here during the summer months!

The office is right across the hall (well, it's at the end of the hall) from my bedroom. Marilyn's bedroom is downstairs, past the family room (where the treadmill is, as I mentioned before).

Well, I'd better quit stalling and get to it! We're in the mode where we want to exercise more than once a day right now. (Usually we do it in the evenings during summer -- after it cools down.)

Have I mentioned that this is Marilyn's vacation? Two weeks every year at this time.

It always includes the last week in August and first week of September. Or better put, falls during the Tennis U.S. Open! (grin)

(You were wondering seeing as Wednesday is the first day of September and this is her first day of vaca. Weren't you? smile.)

Then we're off to appointments, so I don't know if I'll get back online today or not...

(Busy, busy.)

I wonder if Sue got off okay for Lincoln City?

(Hugs, all.)


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