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The PowerPoint for the Auction is DONE!

It's 9:30 a.m. -- and Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I just pulled an all-nighter to finish off the PowerPoint for the Auction. And it turned out GREAT!

I'm sick as a dog, I'm afraid. But FAR from 'sick in bed' (like my little icon). There's been no time to indulge being sick... (But I'm probably staying home today and not going in until tomorrow, anyway. So hopefully a day staying down will get me good to go for tomorrow and Saturday!) Sister Sue suzy_qp and her granddaughter (my grand-niece) Nicole were already sick -- but Sue still plans to go to the Auction on Saturday. (Nicole has been home from school this week and is running a fever.)

Marilyn is having a bath and I plan to take one, too. I don't really need it to get clean, as I colored my hair yesterday and showered (twice!!!). But I think it would be comforting to have a bath.

Sue dropped by for a few minutes last night to get the clothes we had for her. I gave her one of my new shirts and one of my new pair of boots, and we gave her the cowboy hat we bought her. Then I dug out one of my bandana handkerchiefs, too. (I have a bunch of them.) She looked darling even without having the jeans on, so I can't wait to see her Saturday night!

I don't know if I have the flu (!!!) or a cold. Yesterday I was sure it was just bad allergies, but then it crossed that line. I've got a miserable sore throat and stuffed head and runny nose. Yeah, the works. So unfair. I've been using my immunity, spraying my nose, washing my hands like mad, getting TONS of sleep (!!!), wearing something on my feet ALL THE TIME (not like me at all, as I love being barefoot) -- so I've no clue how I could have been better. I've been eating right and the whole nine yards.

But I always seem to get sick this time of year -- and it's certainly related to my allergies, there's no doubt. Not that I've got time to be sick -- or that I'll stay down for long with it. I don't have a choice, after all. There's work to be done and I need to do it...

Anyway, it's always a relief when we finish this PowerPoint. It's so hard to explain what it's like to do the TIMING with the music. We tweak and tweak and tweak. We re-boot and re-boot (it slows down as resources get used) and then we do a total re-build (PowerPoints corrupt if you mess with them too much -- and there's really no choice here). The new PP that we build then will be faster, so we have to tweak it yet again. What a process! It's quite an ART -- and I've never seen anybody else make a PowerPoint that's like the ones Marilyn and I do for the Auction Appeal. We're both really PROUD of them, and I think we have every right to be.

My ears itch and are squeaky. That's so not a good sign! I'm off for that bath and more chai tea (I've already had tons). I did make a fresh pot of coffee, so I could have that, instead. (I might be chai-ed out right now, actually...) And we're having PIE for breakfast! We promised ourselves a treat when this was done, so we earned it.

Oh! Before I forget: Sue told us last night the she got the second opinion and they're saying it's a cyst (and not a tumor) -- so she's fine. Thanks for all your kind thoughts (and prayers). We all appreciate it!

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