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2008 Auction - Tribal Cat Bowls!

At the 2008 Auction, I was bidding on a set of four art bowls -- Tribal Cats. As the bid climbed, I wondered out loud whether or not I should try again to win these.

William, the partner of our Auction Chairman Arthur, told me he and Arthur had items by the artist and that I should purchase these and use them as 'pasta dishes.' It hadn't occurred to me to actually USE the bowls! I was only thinking of them as something to display -- not something that we could eat from. So, naturally, this hooked me!

Tribal Cat bowls

Tribal Cat bowls

Both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I LOVE these bowls and use them all the time!

The set ended up costing me $60, which means they were $15 a bowl -- well worth the price! And what a wonderful MEMORY of the event! (Plus I always think of both William and Arthur whenever we use them -- and they are two very special people.)

I can't believe I never shared these photos before. I'd intended to do that after the Auction last year, but things were... um... confused at the time. (Confused isn't a good word, but whatever. A man was being an ass and a child and there was more focus on him than there should have been, frankly. Aside from him, there was other stuff going on, so I guess it's no wonder I never posted these!)

I hope we find something this year at the Auction that we'll enjoy as much as we do these bowls... (smile)
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