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Yeah, It's Not Quite 7:30 a.m. -- So?

It's Wednesday morning and not quite 7:30 a.m. -- and Marilyn mistressmarilyn was out the door to head to work by 7:15. I have coffee on and have already been outside to check on something. We're both wide awake and ready to roll, in other words!

Today I'll slam things into the PowerPoint which the two of us will 'tweak' together late tonight when Marilyn finally gets home after her Nominating Meeting (which will start at 4:00 p.m. and probably run past 7:00 p.m. -- nothing quite like those 12-hour days!). I'll probably stick with it all day, unless I take time out to color my hair (which must be done prior to Saturday).

I am sucking down Crystal Light with caffeine while I wait for the coffee to finish, I must admit...

I finished my book "Odd Hours" last night -- a really good read. So now I'm up for getting and reading the other books in that series. After that I read in the book "The Vendetta," by Alston Purvis (the son of Melvin Purvis -- you can read his bio at the Boston University CFA School of Visual arts website HERE). I have the original hardback book, while Marilyn is reading a re-release of the oversize paperback (easier to haul around with you when you're fixated on the subject matter).

Our LIBRARY of Public Enemey-type books continues to grow, which is a good thing. We tend to be focused on Purvis and Dillinger, but have some other things, too. There's a LOT out there, thankfully!

Well, I need to get right to work, so I'll skip discussion of the various minor disasters that went on yesterday and keep my fingers crossed (and continue to pray) that today goes more smoothly. Our 'deadline' for the PowerPoint is tomorrow (Thursday) morning, so we should be fine.

I'd love to get sister Sue suzy_qp over here today to try on her clothes for the Auction, if I can find the time! We'll see how that goes. She was in a very good mood when I talked to her yesterday (and really happy we went with her on Monday to have her breast checked out). Speaking of, Marilyn has an AWESOME ornament to give Sue made by a local artist. But I shouldn't say more in case Sue happens to read this... (smile)

Off to work! There's a lot to be said for getting an early start...

Oh! By the way, I found a SUPER-EASY way to use MASKS on images for that soft/fuzzy/faded-edge look. I'll have to try and turn that into a tutorial someday, because I was stunned at the small amount of steps! (I wish I'd known that back in 2007 when I was using the much more difficult method...)

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