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Crazy Busy Weekend - Crazy Busy Tuesday.

We ran all day Monday (yesterday). Then Marilyn mistressmarilyn went to the office today while I stayed home -- and we both worked until 8:00 p.m. We just finally had dinner (lunch meat and cheese on crackers) a little bit ago. I took a break to wash my hair and Marilyn took a break to walk down to Starbucks for coffee. That was it for us today!

I've had nothing but computer issues all day long. In spite of every prayer (there were many before even starting -- and many during my work), by the way. Ron had to rush out to fix my sound (again) which was gone. I've had programs freezing up and the computer freezing up and needed to be re-booted and just issue after issue. It just doesn't seem fair, considering how much work I need to get done!

We took time out of our busy days yesterday to go with sister Sue suzy_qp for her ultra sound after having a bad mammogram. It was very hard sitting in that room full of women getting extra tests to find out if they have breast cancer or not. (Been there, done that -- not at this place, but in the past in a different place...)

We're waiting to hear the second opinion, but so far it looks good. Please pray for Sue, I do believe in the power of prayer (even on a day where it hasn't been working much for me personally...).

We're about to take a nap (we're both dead) before doing more work. We knew all along this would be a tough week, so no surprise. But I could use some help from my computer about now!

I did get the video we needed ripped and cut and converted. And I converted the song/audio we need. The background slide (graphics) are done and Marilyn's been masking and saving images like mad! The trick for PowerPoints? If you want transparent edges on images, use PNGs. I've now given you one of my major tricks -- I'm serious. And music must be saved as a WMA (just as video must be saved as a WMV). That's how you can embed them inside the PowerPoint.

Well, on that note, I'm headed for a nap...

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